Page 28 - HUB South East Annual Report 2020-21
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stRAtegIC pARtneRIng seRvICes
Hub south east’s continued ability to deliver high quality facilities on schedule and on budget is a key factor in our success. to ensure every project can be delivered on the best footing, we provide strategic support and guidance to our partners, identifying innovative, practical and affordable solutions and opportunities for new ways of working.
Whether masterplanning, estate rationalisation or new models of care, our development team works in the background, assisting clients to achieve key local and national policy objectives.
Work carried out under strategic support has been instrumental in unlocking and making possible health, education and social care projects across the territory and in this reporting period, it has also been a crucial element in the Forest Kindergarten project (P14) and in our ability to assist nHS lothian in its efforts to respond to the covid-19 pandemic as you can see here...
by using our
strategic support services
to negotiate property acquisition for the vaccination Centres project, Hub south east, through its contacts and experience,
sAved nHs lotHIAn
more £1.8m than
in building and car parking costs alone.

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