Page 32 - HUB South East Annual Report 2020-21
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CoMMunIty beneFIts 2020/21
In the last Annual Report we talked about how we were working with sFt in the development of a new Community bene t model which enables a more speci c targeted measurement of value delivered in local communities. the approach is referred to social value, and it is becoming a recognised and regularly adopted method within the construction industry.
the speci c tool adopted for the Hub Programme is the Social Value Portal (SVP), using a bespoke suite of themes, outcomes and Measures (toMs) which enable the development of locally targeted initiatives and investment within the communities. From april 2020, all new projects moved to SVP measurement and existing community bene t KPis run alongside this.
delivering community bene ts in addition to the bricks and mortar of a project is key to Hub’s ongoing success and this year, as previous years, we are proud to be meeting and in many cases, outperforming in this area.
We are particularly proud that during the covid-19 Pandemic, whilst it meant opportunities such as site visits, school visits and on-site work experience were unable to happen or were restricted, our tier 1 contractors sought innovative ways of making sure we were still able to deliver against our KPis by enhancing opportunities for online learning.
We’re delighted that as we write this report restrictions have eased meaning that in person visits have begun again, allowing important live site learning opportunities for local people.
on projects completed in the reporting period, we have again exceeded what we set to achieve:
students to and from schools, colleges and universities (no. of pupils)
1372 new jobs
47 34
professional employment, including graduates
apprentices and trainees (new and existing)
curriculum support (no. of pupils)
154 101
actual output target total
work placement days

   30   31   32   33   34