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of the Competition with
Proven Health & Performance Products With Guaranteed Results
Gastra-fx & Biotic 8
Gastra-fx aids in the treatment of Stom- ach Ulcers, most effective when com-
bined with Biotic 8, a probiotic for Healthy Digestive Tract by
promoting better digestion and intestinal health
Calms erratic behaviour and reduces stress
Muscle, Joint & Ligament formula, noticeable results in as little as 14 days
ealthy Horse 4-in-1
Reduces overall sickness by
stimulating the immune system,
boosts red blood cell formation for better oxygen utilization
Maximizes energy reserves improving performance & recovery
Quick continuous pain relief from inflammation of feet, joints & tendons, with no gastric upset
Bleeder Formula
Ask About HA-180
Highly concentrated oral HA for joint support & post surgery recovery
MacLeod Equine 1-888-395-0006;
Patti Hanco 416-995-7940 Email:
Available through your veterinarian, feed dealer
and fine tack shops everywhere. Dealer inquiries welcomed
30+ Products Dedicated to the Optimum Health & Performance of your Horses
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