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Staircase Bunk Beds

     Note: To order wood knobs, change 0 to 9 Ex. Atq4955
     This Staircase is only available with recessed handles.        Note:  Actual finishes may be slightly different than the
                                                                    photographs shown due to camera resolutions, lighting etc.

           Twin/Twin Reversible Staircase Bunk Bed                                       Five Drawer Chest

                Shown in Antique White Finish                                      Shown in Antique White Finish
                    107”L x 41”W x 62”H                                                30”L x 16”W x 48 ½”H

             Item#         Finish       Handles                                 Item#         Finish       Handles

           Unf40411A     Unfinished     Recessed                               Unf4055      Unfinished    Recessed

          Mah40411A      Mahogany       Recessed                               Mah4055      Mahogany      Recessed

           Wal40411A       Walnut       Recessed                               Wal4055       Walnut       Recessed

           MC40411A      Multi-Color    Recessed                               MC4055       Multi-Color   Recessed
           Atq40411A      Antique       Recessed                               Atq4055       Antique      Recessed
                           White                                                              White
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