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The Road to Success® Podcast How Business Has Changed During the Pandemic
To find out how fellow Landstar agents and business capacity owners (BCOs) are handling the shift in business trends, listen to Landstar’s newly released Road to Success® podcast miniseries Business Route 2020. The four-part podcast series features Landstar business owners – independent agents and owner- operators, who made imperative pivots to keep their businesses moving despite the challenges of an uncertain year.
The Road to Success podcast features interviews and stories geared to inspire, educate and entertain entrepreneurs in the transportation industry.
Listen and subscribe to the podcast, and follow #RoadToSuccess on Landstar’s social media pages to see featured questions. Podcast listeners can answer the questions by leaving a message at 800-577-5227 or emailing Answers may be used in future podcasts.
The Road to Success podcast is available to everyone through major podcast directories including Apple, Google Play, Spotify and Stitcher podcast radio.
Join Landstar’s Official Agent & BCO Facebook Group!
Join us and connect with more than 1,500 of your peers in the “Landstar Official - Agent & BCO Networking” Facebook group!
Landstar’s Facebook group was created as a way for independent Landstar agents and business capacity owners (BCOs) to interact with each other and with Landstar.
Agent and BCO group members can network with each other and Landstar employee moderators to learn more about Landstar. As the Facebook group membership grows so will your networking opportunities!
Share your experiences, stay connected and informed, follow this link to join Landstar’s official Facebook group today:
IT Security Corner - How to Safely Meet, Virtually
Showing up in person for work, school, parent/teacher conferences, physician visits, or practically anything else has been dramatically reduced in 2020 due to the pandemic and subsequent safety measures implemented to reduce the spread of the virus. Much
of the world has shifted from the “real world” to a “virtual” one, which requires online or virtual meetings.
Experts say there are some things to consider when attending or hosting virtual meetings and appointments on platforms such as Zoom conferencing, WebEx® or Microsoft® Teams including:
• Settings - Review your audio and video settings and check to see if your microphone is muted. It’s also good idea to enable the mute function when you are not speaking. If your meeting doesn’t require an enabled camera, turn it off or cover the webcam. Otherwise, remember you are visible to the other attendees, even if you’re not speaking.
• Backgrounds - Pay attention to what is visible when you are using video. It’s a good idea to test this prior to your meeting so you can see what’s visible behind you. Most online conference tools provide a background or blur effect to hide what you may not want displayed to other attendees.
• Invites - Don’t share meeting invites with others unless you have been instructed to do so. Instead, ask the organizer to send the invite. These are much like a personal ticket to enter a room and should be treated as such.
• Privacy - Do not take screenshots or record the meeting unless you have permission.
If you are going to host an online meeting, here are some helpful tips:
• Set a meeting password to protect who can join the meeting. This is especially
true of public tools like Zoom or Google Meet.
• Review who is attending before starting your conversation. Experts suggest
identifying each person who has joined to make sure they are who you think they are. • Make the attendees aware that you plan to record the meeting before starting.
When sharing your computer screen, be aware of what others can see or only share the information you intend to be seen. Close all other applications on your computer to avoid distractions or pop-up messages that will be seen by those in the meeting.
While these tools provide a great way to make remote work possible, there are also new risks that we need to be aware of and consider. For even more information visit and-securely.
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