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Support the Landstar Scholarship Fund
BCO Benevolence Fund Hat Pins
For more than 25 years, students of Landstar independent agents, business capacity owners (BCOs) and employees have received financial support from the Landstar Scholarship fund.
Since its inception, 366 Landstar scholarships totaling more than $902,000 have been awarded to students. The fund, awarded to students who exemplify Landstar’s commitment to excellence, is intended to recognize and reward outstanding undergraduate achievement.
Students like Tiffany Campbell and
her mother Lareese Postell, an employee in the human resources department,
are grateful for the financial assistance. Postell explains that Landstar’s support allowed her daughter, who received a scholarship from Landstar in 2007 while studying political science at the University of Central Florida, to pursue a career
as a lawyer.
“The scholarship fund gave us a
boost when we needed it. The money was enough to cover books and the incidentals associated with college. It took some of the financial burden off of me and allowed Tiffany to focus on her education,” says Postell, who is proud to report that Capt. Campbell now serves as Judge Advocate General (JAG) for the United States Air Force.
“The Landstar scholarship is wonderful support and it made a difference for us. I hope those who can afford to donate to the fund will do so, as other parents and students may need the financial assistance now more than ever.”
To contribute, send a check made payable to The Landstar Scholarship Fund to:
Landstar Scholarship Fund
Scholarship Contribution Attention: Kerry Viergutz 13410 Sutton Park Drive, South Jacksonville, FL 32224
Add to your collection and help a Landstar owner-operator when you purchase a Landstar 2020 BCO Benevolence hat pin - available now through the end of the year for $20.
Each year since 2011, a collectable hat pin has been sold to raise money for the BCO Benevolence Fund, which provides financial assistance to qualified Landstar independent business capacity owners (BCOs) in hardship situations. Landstar BCOs and truck operators employed
by Landstar BCOs, and their immediate family members are eligible to receive assistance from the fund.
The fund, established in 2005, helps independent owner-operators who do
not have the assets to meet their existing financial obligations and/or immediate basic living expenses for their families. Awardees use the financial assistance to cover medical bills, health and insurance costs, funeral expenses and issues related to natural disasters.
To receive your 2020 BCO Benevolence Fund hat pins, please mail a check payable to the BCO Benevolence Fund
in the appropriate amount to:
BCO Benevolence Fund
c/o Kerry Viergutz
13410 Sutton Park Drive, South Jacksonville, FL 32224
Landstar will send you the quantity
of hat pins you order. Order one for you and one for a friend – just in time for
the holidays!
The BCO Benevolence Fund Inc., is a nonprofit corporation and is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as an organization exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the International Revenue Code. Contributions to the fund are tax deductible. The BCO Benevolence Fund Inc., was founded by Landstar System, Inc. and its affiliated companies (“Landstar”). The fund is a public charity that is separate and independent from Landstar. This announcement is made by and on behalf of Landstar and should not be considered as a solicitation for charitable contributions or on behalf of the BCO Benevolence Fund, Inc.
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