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 Changes in the numbers on board at the Cape: as for departure, also V an Riebeeck and OB-Cape.
Deaths during entire voyage: as for departure, but without uitloopboeken ΚA 4390A and 4390B .
Numbers on board on arrival: as for deaths during entire voyage.
Homeward bound voyages
Name of ship:
Travelogues; KA 4389; KA 4390*; Valentijn from 1594 to 1720; Aanwinsten 1902, XXVI, 94 for the years 1707-1734; coll. Hope, K A 8403 for the years 1691-1762; the uitloopboeken of the Hoorn chamber, KA Aanwinsten 1901, III, 16 and 17 for the years up to 1794; OBP, incl. lists of ships departed.
Chamber: as above
Name of master:
Travelogues; KA 4390A ; Valentijn; Aanwinsten 1902, XXVI, 94; KA 12050-12052; Dagregisters; OBP's, incl. lists of officers, and declarations of seaworthiness.
Tonnage, type, year and place of construction: as for the outward bound voyage.
Place and date of departure:
Daghregisters, Generale Missiven, Valentijn, KA Aanwinsten 1901, III, 16 for the years 1668-1765; Aanwinsten 1902, XXVI, 94; OBP's, incl. lists of ships departed; KA 12050-12052; O B Cape.
Arrival and departure the Cape: Van Riebeeck, Valentijn, OB Cape, K A 12050-12052.
Date and place of arrival:
KA 4389 up to 1673; KA 4390B for the years 1673-1688; KA 4390B for the period after 1688; Valentijn; Aanwinsten 1902, XXVI, 94; ΚA Aanwinsten 1901, III, 16 and 17.
Numbers on board at departure:
Daghregisters; OBP's, particularly lists of ships departed; O B Cape.
Deaths before the Cape, disembarkations at the Cape: Van Riebeeck, O B Cape, K A 12050-12052.
Cargo and chamber of return:
Valentijn, Aanwinsten 1902, XXVI, 94, coll. Hope, KA 8403; Daghregister, OBP's, particularly the liquidations.
Particulars about outward and homeward bound voyages have been drawn from all sources mentioned.

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