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 The instructions of 1627 already mentioned, constituted an effort to face these difficul- ties. In these ample attention was paid to the crossing of the equator. The course was set out in detail. Coen had his way. On an accompanying chart of the area in question, points (A, B, C, D and E) corresponding to the instructions, were drawn in two groups, connected by lines, thus producing a wide wagenspoor (cart track), by which name it soon became known. As long as ships managed to stay between these lines there was no danger of erring too far east or west. The wagenspoor started south of the Cape V erde Islands at about twelve degrees and continued right down to the equator (see map 6).
Map 6: The seaway to Batavia and Ceylon, and the wagenspoor
In 1654 the instructions were somewhat revised and updated. The wagenspoor in particular needed more detailed description. Two points (F and G) were added and the line connec- ting them indicated the western limit in avoiding the Brazilian coast. If this line was crossed it became imperative to turn east to return to the middle of the wagenspoor. In recent years a few ships had been unnecessarily delayed in Pernambuco (for instance 0647,0656/7 and 0756). A new, on some points much more elaborate version of the instructions for the May and autumn periods, issued in 1748, contained an exact stipulation of the 'equi- noctial line in the middle of the wagenspoor to be crossed rather more to the west than to the east.' In an earlier resolution of 1742 not enough emphasis was put on keeping to the middle, and in 1745 the IDA (3325) had fallen victim to this. So in 1748 a new western limit HI was added. A ship finding itself near this line had to change course immediately, but Cape Augustin could no longer be reached 'but for extra luck'. In the last version of the instructions of 1783 however, this line has disappeared again. It had failed to prevent some ships from landing in Brazil (for instance 3498, 3902,4343,4606) or even in Surinam

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