Page 16 - Church Review JUNE 2020 [IM)
P. 16

  Esther Steinberg married Vogtjeck Gluck in the Greenville Hall Synagogue on the South Circular Road, Dublin, and were murdered in Auschwitz
A suitcase packed for Terezín in an exhibition in Vienna... Terezín was liberated on 8 May 1945
      A Hanukkah Menorah made by children in Terezín ... Rebecca Comerford has revived a children’s opera telling the story of the children of Terezín
‘A view of the Engineers’ Barracks Building in Terezín’ by Sonja Fischerová (1931-1944)
The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin
     A memorial to Jewish children at the Jewish Cemetery in Berlin
   Rachel Whiteread’s Holocaust Memorial in Judenplatz in Vienna
The memorial to the victims of the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp 1936- 1945 ... the victims included gays, Gypsies,
political prisoners and disabled people
    ‘Stumbling Stones’ on the streets of Thessaloniki name the city’s Jews deported to Auschwitz
 The Holocaust memorial in the Ghetto in Venice ... a reminder of why we must never forget

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