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We remember all who have passed from this world due to Covid 19 and their families and friends. We extend very grateful thanks and prayers for front line workers, especially for those who take care of the sick and those at life’s end.
On a different note: A smile maker, Scene: a cat wearing glasses, sitting reading:
“I feel like I should clean the house, so I’m going to sit down and do some reading until the feeling passes”.
Keep safe and well. God bless, Anne C
Rector: Rev Alan Rufli 087 997 2401 Email:
Assistant Priest: Rev Martin O’Connor
Readers: Mrs Sylvia Armstrong, and Mrs Barbara O’Callaghan.
Services: Sunday - St John’s 11.15 Rathcoole 10 am
Wednesday - St John’s 11 am. Holy Communion
No notes this month.
Rector: Revd. Lesley Robinson, telephone 087 909 1561
Curate: Revd. Prof. Anne Lodge, telephone 086 373 6995
Diocesan Reader: Mark Acheson, telephone 087 967 4885
Rector’s Church Warden: Heather Walsh, telephone 085 108 6112 Peoples Church Warden: Ziva Newman, telephone 087 624 6964 Church Review Distribution: Mr. Tom Waller
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Services: Sunday 8.30 (Holy Communion) & 10.30. Evening Service 6pm on 2nd Sunday of the month. Wednesdays: 10.30 (Parish Centre)
Sadly we have had two funerals since the last edition of the Church Review.
The Late Helen Erskine
Late of Seafield Road, Helen passed away peacefully in the care of St. Patrick’s Nursing Home, Baldoyle on Monday 20th April, aged 99 years. Helen was our oldest parishioner and much loved. She had a great faith in God and a great commitment to our parish, along with an indomitable spirit and impish sense of humour. She was always the first to sign up for any parish or community event or outing, and was involved in numerous clubs and organisations including the Mothers Union, the Bowls Club, the Whist Club, Active Retirement Groups and a Knitting Circle. She was also a veteran of WW2, having served in Egypt administering the supplies of aircraft parts. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, a small, private funeral took place in Glasnevin Crematorium, led by the Rector, while our Diocesan Lay Reader and Pastoral Assistant, Mark Acheson, led a short Service of Remembrance and Thanksgiving for Helen’s long life, on the parish Facebook page, using Facebook Live. Our sympathy goes to Andy and Sandra Sargent, and the extended Erskine family.
The Late Betty McGreal
Late of Seapark Road, Betty passed away peacefully in Highfield Nursing Home on Friday 1st May, aged 97 years. She had lived in Clontarf since 1967 and made many friends through her involvement in various groups and organisations including the ICA, the parish bowling club, the Mothers Union, active retirements groups, and art classes. She was a lady of many talents, especially in the area of arts and crafts. Many parish children were the lucky recipients of her famous knitted ‘Curious George’ monkeys, and her home on Seapark Road was adorned with numerous original paintings. Widowed young, she
made many personal sacrifices to raise her two daughters and one son on her own, but her children, and in time her grandchildren and great-grandchildren were always her pride and joy. Once again, due to the Covid-19 restrictions, a small, private funeral took place in Glasnevin Crematorium, led by the Rector, while Mark Acheson led a short Service of Remembrance and Thanksgiving for Betty’s long life, on the parish Facebook page, using Facebook Live. Our sympathy goes to Estelle, Linda and Roger, and the entire family circle.
We also record with sadness the sudden death of a former Clontarf parishioner, Denise Jones, who passed away at her home in Clondalkin on 12th May, just seven months after the death of her mother, Louie Appleyard. The Rector of Clontarf officiated at the private funeral service in Balgriffin Cemetery where Denise was laid to rest beside her Mum. We express our sympathy to the extended Appleyard family and their many friends in Clontarf at this sad time.
Online Services
As the prohibition on worship gatherings continues for now, we continue to broadcast daily Morning Prayer on the parish Facebook page, Clontarf Parish, the Church of St. John the Baptist and on our website and the Church Services TV website via our web cam. Sunday services are now being pre-recorded and are available on the Facebook page and on the ‘Featured Videos’ tab of the website. Service sheets are available in advance of Sunday services to all who subscribe to our parish email or who like our Facebook page.
Parish Zoom Quizzes
We have held two very successful Parish Zoom quizzes in recent weeks. They have been both good fun and a nice way of connecting with members of our parish family. Congratulations to the winners of our first two quizzes, The McHugh and Maxwell teams respectively. As the second quiz took place during Christian Aid Week, an online fundraising page was set up and at time of writing, an amazing €860 has been donated – thank you to all who gave so generously, whether taking part in the quiz or not. Many thanks also to the Rectory Daughters for setting the questions, and adjudicating on the night, leaving the Rector free to be Quizmaster! We are looking forward to our next Big Night In on 29th May.
Two thirds of Team McHugh enjoying their prize of a Just Eat voucher as winners of the inaugural Parish Zoom Quiz.

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