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The results are slowly bringing our grounds into full bloom. We are also very grateful to our parishioners Gladys and Miriam for cleaning the inside of our church weekly.
We continue to send thoughts to the teachers and pupils of St. Matthew’s National School. Online home schooling will continue for the rest of this school year. The support that teachers are giving to parents and pupils is invaluable. We thank you all. We spare a special thought for sixth class. This is their final year in Primary school. These times are unprecedented. We thank their teacher, Rachel Fallows, for her continued support. It is unfortunate that the special final months of primary level schooling cannot be spent with their peers. We are hopeful that a graduation ceremony will be able to take place while respecting evolving guidelines. We pray for their well being in these challenging times.
As a parish we continue to reach out to those in need. If anyone in the parish or wider community needs assistance we are here. Our church is open.
Bless you all, John
Flower bed to rear of St. Matthew’s Church: Before and after weeding
Rector - The Revd Garth Bunting: (01 837 2505)
Services: Drumcondra 10:00 Sunday and 10:15 Friday North Strand 11:30 Sunday and 10:30 Wednesday
Church Services
It is still an odd experience not being able to come together for our usual services as outlined above. I know, from talking to parishioners, how much they are being missed.
There are still opportunities to worship God and pray for our country and one another, however, through our recorded service of Morning Prayer each week. The service is uploaded to the parish Facebook page and a weekly email sent out to parishioners with the link to watch it and take part. If you would like to be added to the weekly email, please get in touch with me and I will be happy to add you.
Weekly Email
One of the things that has been lovely about our, now weekly, email is parishioners are getting in touch with me to tell me what they are up to whilst staying safe at home. We’ve had lovely photos of baking, dressmaking, arts, crafts, gardening and painting! These photos are being shared, along with the stories behind them, via the email and I know the photos are inspiring others to try out new things to “pass the time”.
In one of the emails about a month ago, I invited anyone who wished to join me on Zoom for half an hour one Tuesday evening to say a virtual hello and catch up with news. I thought I’d be sitting there on my own for the 30 minutes but I wasn’t! It was brilliant to see faces and hear voices – those who joined enjoyed it so we tried it again a fortnight later. It seems to have been a good way for us to continue to support one another when we aren’t physically meeting together.
7th Company Boys’ Brigade
The BB should have had its 129th annual display by now. This was obviously cancelled but a creative online display has been produced. For those interested, you can watch the display by using the following link be
Drumcondra Graveyard
The graveyard has been closed since mid-March. I know those who would normally visit graves understand the reason, still many are missing opportunities to visit graves, particularly around anniversaries.
We are pleased to say by the time you read these notes, the graveyard will be open to the public again. Our two gardeners are now back at work since the lifting of some restrictions. The grass is high and access off the paths is currently difficult, but good progress is being made at tidying things up. Please be careful when you do visit if the grass is still long where you happen to be visiting. It won’t take too long to be fully operational again and have the graveyard looking like the oasis it is.
Every blessing, Garth
Some of those who popped by during a recent Zoom catch up
Rector - Ása Björk Ólafsdóttir: Tel 01 280 9537 Email:
Fridays off unless in the case of a pastoral emergency
Review Secretary - Mrs. Stella Henderson: Tel 01 280 7168 From Rector Ása’s Desk
I hope you are all well and that you are keeping safe. Haven’t we just been so blessed with all these sunny days?! These are strange times and in the midst of it all we get to enjoy the birds singing louder than ever before, the bees in their happy mood and the grass and flowers growing faster than ever! I took the challenge “No Mow May” in order to let the bees enjoy all the daisies, dandelions and everything they may enjoy. They don’t disturb us at all, but give soothing background sounds to our conversations. I have been very fortunate that a small hardware store is open in Dun Laoghaire and the amount of paint, sanding related stuff a.s.o. I have bought in the last weeks, is considerable. They tell me that they have saved many marriages by being open!
I will keep on live-streaming Services on Sundays at 10:30 and the Service will be available on our “Dun Laoghaire Church of Ireland” Facebook page. I can also be contacted regarding getting the Services emailed. My email address is at the top. Our Services will also be available on the webpage “New Pilgrim Path”
Though the lockdown has been very difficult for many, I believe families are closer, people are having more conversations both within their homes as well as over the telephone, skype, facebook-messenger and zoom. And many had never even considered the possibility before!
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