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There is anticipation for the easing of restrictions and even though we know we shouldn’t be hugging and kissing, just the thought of seeing one another face to face, is such a treat, that I hope we will refrain from getting too close. It is what we need to do out of respect for one another, both in regard to age, poor health or underlying conditions.
Reading of books has increased, less money is being spent on transport, meals out, travel and shopping. Money spent on groceries has gone up for all, I believe, but for a while I couldn’t get some products for baking in the stores as everyone was baking again. What a huge change and for many it has been an eye-opener.
Travelling is more or less out of the question at present, and it has been difficult for those who have family abroad or even in other parts of Ireland.
We have kept the tradition of ringing of Church Bells on Thursday evenings just before eight o’clock. There are still people who come out and applaud the front line staff who are looking after those who need to be looked after. it has also been magical to hear the other Church bells in the area! We have been very obedient as a nation, and that is certainly showing in the fast dropping of cases. For that we must be thankful.
As we thank God for all the miracles we experience, know that;
God is listening
God is by our side
God is watching over us God loves us.
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We keep going
The phrase “the building may be closed but the church remains open” has become a familiar one since the current crisis began. We continue to record a weekly act of worship in the church which is made available on You Tube. This provides parishioners with something they have always longed for, the ability to turn the Rector off mid- sentence! We are grateful to Mark Lavery for making himself available each week and for his expertise. An Oscar nomination awaits!
When the road map as to how Irish society and the economy can be reopened was made public a significant number of the population were only interested in finding out when hairdressing salons were scheduled to re- open! Coincidentally places of worship will also be allowed to open in Phase 4 which begins on July 20th. At the time of writing that seems a long way down the road. Social distancing will be mandatory which is going to present its’ own challenges. I knew we should have removed the pews years ago and replaced them with chairs which would have made it a lot easier!
Our summer fair was to have taken place on the fourth Sunday in May but of course that had to be cancelled some time ago. Whilst I admit I tend to be a “glass half empty” type of person will we have even seen the back of social distancing by the end of May 2021?
Recent Bereavements
We extend our sympathy to the following who have been bereaved recently. To the Arnold family following the death of Sue Bruce-Smith after a long illness. To Duncan Lyster and his family following the tragic death of his father Bruce as the result of an accident at home and to Diana Weldon following the death of her sister Ruth Bailey also after a long illness. Diana’s other sister Margaret Johnson, who was very well known to us here at St Paul’s, died on St Patrick’s Day this year.
Kisiizi Hospital
Recently we received another update from Dr Ian Spillman at Kisiizi Hospital. There have been confirmed cases of Covid 19 in Uganda which is now in lockdown as well as in several neighbouring countries such as Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania. When Dr Spillman contacted us, the hospital had not yet had any COVID-19 cases, yet the impact of the virus had still been massive. Normally this is the busiest time of year for visitors with many elective medical students and groups whose input helps the Good Samaritan Fund which supports the poorest patients.
As part of their contingency planning the Hospital Management team have gone ahead with starting renovations to create a Triage and Isolation Unit. They have also reviewed their stock of PPE and their tailors have worked on making more gowns, scrubs and headgear. They have also produced some face visors utilising laminating pouches which seem to work quite well!
Obtaining supplies from Kampala can no longer be done with public transport so they must send a vehicle after obtaining special permits. Whilst the main road has since improved, when we visited the hospital some years ago Kampala was an 8 or 9 hour drive away! I have never forgiven my travelling companions for insisting I sit in the front beside the driver during the most terrifying road journey I have ever made. My life flashed before me at least every fifteen minutes as the end seemed imminent!
Former Junior Chorister
Many years ago, Nathan O’Reilly was a member of our junior choir in the days when we had such a thing. These days he is a breakfast show presenter on SPIN 1038. He and his co presenter Graham O’Toole recently had a bit of a scoop that not even the New York Times could manage. They had an exclusive interview on their show with the A list Hollywood actor Matt Damon who has been spending time in Dalkey with his family after his latest film project, which was being filmed here, was shut down under Covid-19 restrictions. Nathan’s proud grandmother is Jenny Vella, a loyal member of our choir.
 And finally, time to smile...
The following are actual call centre conversations....
Customer: “I’ve been ringing you on 0700 2300 for two days. Why didn’t you answer?”
Travel agent: “Where did you get that number from, sir?” Customer: “It’s there on the door to your Travel Centre.” Operator: “Sir, they are our opening hours.”
Caller (enquiring about legal requirements while travelling in France): “If I register my car in France, do I have to change the steering wheel to the other side of the car?”
Then there was the caller who asked for a knitwear company in Woven.
Operator: “Woven? Are you sure?”
Caller: “Yes, of course. That’s what it says on the label; Woven in Scotland.”
Archaeologists will date any old thing. ‘Yes man’: one who stoops to conquer. Vote: to choose the lesser of evils.
A businessman was telling his friend about the worries plaguing him, declaring: “They are beginning to smother me, dozens closing in from all sides.”
“The thing to do,” consoled the friend, “is to simplify your problems. Lump together the related ones. That’s what I did, and now I have only three problems: nagging creditors, profitless business, and the fact that I’m broke.”
Polite church
“The congregation was wonderful,” said the minister after the Zoom service. “They were so polite that they even covered their mouths when they yawned.”

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