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David and Mary Williams lead an Evening Service, with an address from Bert Van Embden. Then from Monday to Saturday there is the Daily Devotion, with scriptural readings, prayers and thoughts read by the Rector. On Sunday 3rd May we were glad to be joined by the Archbishop of Dublin, who spoke on the Good Shepherd of John 10:10.
Many of us will go on a virtual Sunday tour of what other churches are doing. As well as exploring other forms of worship, the comment has been made by a number of people that they are experiencing more worship than when there was no coronavirus!
We should also mention the incredible acts of kindness shown by so many people, in ministering (at a safe distance of at least 2 metres!) to others in need. Clearly the Lord is with us, as He assures us: “I will never leave you, nor forsake you.” (see Deuteronomy 31:6, Hebrews 13:5.)
Rector – Rob Clements: Mob 087 149 6605
Email: or
Parish Reader: Carol Barry
Parish Administrator: Annemarie McCleane Tel: 295 2643
Youth Ministry Coordinator: Brian Hickey
Children & Family Ministry Coordinator: Lynn Storey
Gathering Grounds Supervisor and Outreach worker: Julie Clements
Church Services
Until further notice, services will be available online on the parish YouTube channel at KilternanParishChurchofIreland (or just go into YouTube and search Kilternan Parish Church). Remember to subscribe for regular updates. I am grateful to Kevin O’Sullivan for his technical skills, and to all who have recorded poems, prayers, songs, and sent art in for the services.
Tea and Theology on YouTube
This is a new YouTube venture from Kilternan for those looking to dig a little deeper into faith during this time of restricted movement. Grab a cup of tea and a bible and join the rector at his study as we look at some of the big questions of faith. New content is uploaded every Friday at 7pm. So far, we have looked at Faith and Creation, making some sense of the book of Genesis, and Faith and the Fall, making some sense of why there is evil in the world. The series is based loosely on the book Café Theology by Michael Lloyd.
Zoom prayer meeting
We have a zoom prayer meeting every Wednesday at 8pm. All are welcome to join. You can find out more on our Facebook account, and if you would like to participate, private message us and we will send you the information.
Play Café @ Home on Zoom
We have videos posted online on both the Gathering Grounds and parish Facebook pages that parents can access, with their children, at a time that best suits them best. Parents may be working at home while trying to juggle childcare, home-schooling older siblings while also working from home, a daunting task! At the same time, they are trying to adapt and manage a new way of living which has thrown up a huge sense of loss, isolation and many other big emotions for all family members. We have also now started a Play Café @ Home on Zoom for preschool children and their families. Both the videos and zoom sessions have singing, story time, craft and lots of fun. Our repertoire of songs and rhymes is expanding and each session links loosely to a theme – colours, animals, a tea party and so on with lots more ideas including a Teddy Bears’ Picnic – watch this space!
Kilternan Kids on Zoom
Brian and Lynn organise weekly Zoom session with the wonderful Kilternan kids. They have got into a nice rhythm with a familiar pattern the children all seem to enjoy and appreciate. A time to chat and share things the children are grateful for; things and people they are missing, new challenges they are enjoying and the little caring things the children have been doing to help others in the community and beyond, from baking bread, delivering Easter Eggs to sending hugs, - the list goes on. They have a game, an action song, a short bible passage/storytelling and prayer, the most popular being our scavenger hunt around the house for items we then use as a prayer focus. Amazing the games you can enjoy while on together – colouring, word searches, memory games to name just a few. The hardest part is ending the meet up on Zoom which often feels unsatisfactory and abrupt so Brian came up with the brilliant idea of playing ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ which works as each player, when out, says their goodbyes before leaving. All those children of primary age are welcome to join us.
  From the Parish Registers:
Muriel Elizabeth Hinds, née Steele
(Died 20th April 2020.)
Our deepest sympathies go to Muriel’s children Stephen and Catherine, and to her family and friends.
Alan T. Jeffers
(Died 7th May 2020, aged 81.)
Our deepest sympathies go to Alan’s daughters Dianne and Dee, and to his family and friends. Alan had been our organist for many years, and retired as recently as last October. He will be greatly missed.
(These were private funerals for family only, owing to present circumstances.)
KOTG Children:
Over the last month or two a lot of changes have happened,
yet, that has not meant we have come to a standstill. On Good Friday, we hosted an online Messy Church which those taking part enjoyed in the sun from their own home. We had over 15 families involved. We made some videos of prayer activities, such as prayer stones, a how-to on making their very own Easter Garden as well as a lovely Easter poem to watch together. So much fun was had, and it was a really fantastic event!
While Maxpack, Sunday Club, Crèche and Shake, Rattle and Hum are on hold, we are still connecting in with some of the groups where possible. In Maxpack we have been setting challenges for the children to have fun with at home, and in Sunday Club, we have been sharing material for families to enjoy using at home together, as well as some lovely prayer activities. If you are currently not part of this and would like to be, please contact me by e-mail to or by WhatsApp/phone to (089) 472 3063.
Seb Dungan
Children’s and Family Worker
Nanometre – A Correction:
In describing last month the unbelievably small size of the coronavirus, we said that a nanometre was one thousandth of a millimetre. That should have read one millionth of a millimetre! Did anyone spot the mistake?
Throughout the Covid-19 crisis
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