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Chaplain: The Rev. Robert Kingston. Mobile 089 400 1720 Manager: David W. Wilkinson. Tel. 497 1620
this time, not only in Church life, but in all the affairs of our country. The Select Vestry is like the government of the country at present, a provisional body, and we owe a great deal to the members of both and the responsible manner in which they have continued to do their work.
Diocesan Chaplain & Chair of the Diocesan Committee: Revd Bruce Hayes
Mobile: 086 232 7349
Diocesan Hon Secretary: Jeanne Salter Email:
Church’s Ministry of Healing: Ireland (central office) Egan House, St Michan’s Church, Church Street, Dublin 7
Administrator: Tel: 01 872 7876 Website: Office Email:
You might like to visit our website. When you arrive just click on the Resources tab and it will open up the beautiful liturgy of the Service of Healing and Wholeness. This includes prayers which may be helpful during this time of uncertainty during which some of the landmarks on the horizon of our lives seem to have moved or changed.
When you visit the website of CMH:I you will see some of the following tabs. A sidebar ‘Calendar of Events’ which opens up with information re. upcoming events. This includes a link to the Facebook page where recent online healing services and guided meditations may be accessed. The Resources tab opens up some prayer cards for different times and situations. The Journal tab opens up a selection of helpful reflections such as ‘Consecrating Empathy’.
CMH:I has launched a YouTube channel ‘Church’s Ministry of Healing: Ireland’. There you will find a lovely, gentle guided meditation ‘Meeting Christ in the Garden’ which is just c. ten minutes in length and also a service of healing and wholeness led by Revd Lesley Robinson.
Rector: The Revd Canon Precentor Roy H Byrne
Telephone: (01) 280 6596 Email:
Lay Reader: Thelma King
Parish Administrator: Liz Neill Watson (01) 214 7714 (Monday to Friday 10:00 – 13:00)
Office email: Facebook: Monkstown Parish Church, Dublin
Sunday Services:
09:00 Eucharist (every Sunday) 10:45 Eucharist (1st, 3rd, 5th Sunday) Matins (2nd Sunday) Family Service (4th Sunday)
Wednesday: 10:45 Eucharist
Eucharist in Carrick Manor on 3rd Wednesday of the month at 10:00
We continue to support all our parishioners and friends in whatever way possible during these difficult times and look forward immensely to a continued easing of restrictions and a reopening for public worship in mid July. So many people have been looking out for neighbours and friends and we pray that this wonderful work will continue in the weeks ahead. Whatever lies ahead we will face with courage and with hope in our hearts and we thank God for the gifts of friendship and community support so evident in our midst. We continue in our prayers and worship to remember the particular needs of the frontline healthcare workers, the staff in our residential and care homes, the continued work of the churches, religious and faith communities and we also remember all those who were due to sit State examination and the particular fears they carry in their hearts at this time. Please remember that I am at the end of the telephone, as is Liz our parish
       Sunday Services:
10.45am Holy Communion – 1st & 3rd Morning Prayer 2nd, 4th & 5th
Suspended Suspended
Wednesday Service: 10.45am. Suspended Online worship: and follow the links
During the last two months we have not been able to use the Chapel and instead had a daily service on the Mageough Chapel website. We have now cut back to putting up a Wednesday and Sunday service and giving a link to the daily service being provided by the Diocese.
On the 25th of May Philip McKinley came from Holy Trinity Rathmines to lead a sing-a-long of popular hymns on the lawn in front of the Mageough. This was a tremendous success with even the neighbours showing their appreciation and we thank Philip and Revd. Rob Jones for organising this. On the 9th May we had another session led by Albert Rance, John Robinson, Marina Pearson and the Chaplain with everyone ‘singing distanced’ around the lawn. On both occasions the sun shone on us and the sessions boosted everyone who got involved.
We pray that we will continue to live safely and enjoy good health during the difficult days that lie ahead and we express our sincere thanks to the Manager, the Board and all those who are facilitating our independent living.
       Rev Dr Norman E Gamble:
Tel. 845 4770 Mob. 086 815 3277 E-mail
Diocesan Readers: Dr Tom Healy Mr David Rea
Tel: 087 918 1436 Tel. 846 0570
 Parish Administrator: Mrs Anne Taplin Tel. 816 8698 (O) E-mail:
Parish Website:
Service times:
As per parish website.
From May 3rd we have managed to stream a Service of the Word from St Marnock’s Chapel in St Andrew’s Church. The technology is beyond the Rector’s ken, and he only does what he is told, but our thanks are due to Colin Carey who has offered to look after all the tech, and to Peter Williams and Ashley Elves for the loan of suitable lighting, and to all who have helped out in many ways. The end result has been greatly appreciated, especially by those many ‘cocooners’ in the parish, and to many others as well. Indeed, we may well have to continue with something after we have returned to our churches, although it is unlikely to be streamed live.
At present we are hoping and praying that we might get back into the churches by 20th July. If suitable measures re distancing were imposed, there is no reason why we cannot do so now, especially as the area has escaped serious infection, probably helped by the leafly nature of even the most built up areas of Malahide and Portmarnock, and many houses have large gardens which ease the strain of ‘cocooning’ and self-isolation! Many people have remarked on how hard it must be in the inner city, or apartment complexes, especially for those situations where children are involved.
We are also looking forward to being able to hold an Easter Vestry (could it be a Pentecost one(!), in which case we might be more aware that we need the Spirit’s encouragement and guidance very much at

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