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administrator and Valerie Duncan and Shirley Thornton our pastoral care committee if you need to talk to any of us or have some issue that we may be able to help with. Our weekly letter, service and reflection will continue to be posted, sent by email or delivered to all households over the coming weeks, together with updates on the easing of restrictions and our return to using the church building in July. In the meantime please continue to stay safe and to take good care of yourselves and one another. Roy
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Review Notes Raheny: Séamus Puirséil Review Notes Coolock: Robert Adams
As we face the great challenges in our world, we can be tempted to one of two responses. On the one hand we can grow fearful and alarmist, desperately pointing out what is wrong and feeling that it is all up to us, that our future in is in our hands - we are burdened with the hopelessness that this can bring.
On the other hand we can use faith as an escape, a way to focus on “heaven” and ignore the problems of earth. This is a naive and passive attitude that requires no engagement from us and no work on our part to change the brokenness of our world.
The Scriptures call us to a different response from either of these. While trusting in God’s care, while recognising that our future is not in our own hands, but God’s, and while finding peace in the assurance of God’s care and love, we are encouraged to work with God. We need to ask boldly and courageously for God’s grace to impact our world, while seeking to do the work that Christ called us to; living as God’s people of light; welcoming all into God’s compassion and mercy.
The assurance that faith brings, gives us hope for the world and its future. The work that faith calls us to, makes us participants in God’s saving work in our world. These two go together, and call us, daily, to make local changes that have global impact. To consider what we buy and eat, what we wear and drive, how we vote and participate in community and social processes.
Perhaps the place to start is to examine our hearts, find the places within us where we are most concerned or afraid, and ask God to lead us into faith and trust around that issue, while showing what practical steps we can take to be part of the wider solution.
Revd Norman Rector
The legal people have a concept of dies non. This is a day on which no legal business can be done or which doesn’t count for legal purposes. In that case for most of us the month of May might be classed as mensis non. One request for contributions to these notes elicit a response of “It’s such a disconnect from all parochial activities and the fact that nothing is taking place makes it very difficult to generate news”. And yet things are taking place.
Jam club had a Zoom meeting where we checked in with the kids. Ciara, our in house horticulturalist, delivered sweet peas to Jam Clubbers to sweeten up their own gardens. Our Messy Church which was due to be held on 17 May is on hold like everything else in this world right now.. But with wonderful early summer weather it is great we can get out and about.
Boys Brigade - The 129th Anniversary Display was planned for the Old Borough School Swords but as this couldn’t take place, the BB leaders planned something else instead and held a virtual display!
The display was via a special YouTube video of photos, video clips and prize announcements. It features boys, leaders, supporters, and encouraging remarks from Stephen Vincent our Captain and Rev Norman Mc Causland our Chaplain. be
Silent Worship in St Anne’s Raheny
Springdale NS
As the school community headed into the final term, they were disappointed to hear that they would not make it back to school before the end of the year. However making the effort to stay home and stay safe should make the difference needed to guarantee a return to normality in the coming months.
Despite being apart, three PTA organised a scavenger hunt for the May Bank holiday weekend.
A number of families decided to make the most of the beautiful weather and take the challenge!
Mothers’ Union
Many of Mothers’ Union members have been keeping in touch by ‘phone/text and also our Diocesan President Karen Nelson has been sending uplifting messages some of which can be seen on the website We hope to be able to meet up again in September.
The Mothers Union send condolences to our member Iris Finnamore whose sister Rosemary Eacrett (née Reid) died on 29 April in Killarney and whose funeral took place in Lea cemetery, Portarlington. Our prayers are with all those who have been bereaved, those fighting Corvid 19 and those on the front line.
Spring into Summer
In all the difficulties of recent weeks the spectacular early summer weather has been some considerable consolation. And while this has required considerable (and sometimes undercover) trips to keep the church grounds in order our parishioners have appreciated the availability of St Anne’s Park and seafront on these fine sunny days. Leo ‘George’ Devitt has provided us with a photographic record of some of
    No isolation for some (near All Saints’ Raheny)

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