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St Michan’s Community garden
St Michan’s Community garden continues to grow during the lockdown and hopefully parishioners and local children and residents can get back to enjoy this little oasis in the heart of the city.
The Sick:
We continue to remember in our prayers all those who are ill; in hospital, in residential care or at home and we give thanks to God for all who care for them in many ways especially during this current crisis which has gripped the entire world.
Hope springs! Some flowers in the community garden at St Michan’s Church
A view of St Michan’s Church from the Community Garden
Revd. Canon David Gillespie: Tel. 288 0663. Mobile 086 026 7528. The Rev Yvonne Ginnelly: Tel: 087 699 8238.
Parish Administrator: Mrs Kristin Matson-Murphy Email:
Church caretaker: Mr Fred Deane 676 7727.
St Ann’s Senior Citizen’s Cyber Café: 676 7727.
Bereavement Counselling Service: 676 8882.
St Ann’s website:
St Stephen’s:
Service times (Sundays) St Ann’s 11.00 am. St Stephen’s 11.00 am (first Sunday of the month only).
Weekdays: St Ann’s Monday – Friday 12.45 pm Eucharist.
Live Stream
St Ann’s Church has joined the growing list of churches in the united dioceses live streaming services on a Sunday morning. While it is no substitute for worshipping together in Dawson Street or Mount Street Crescent, it is good to be able to do this in this time of Coronavirus. Parishioners can easily tune in by logging on to the Parish Website – – and clicking on the ‘View Our Live Stream Each Sunday’ at the top of the home page. The parish now has its own YouTube channel and a simple search for St Ann’s Church, Dawson Street, Dublin, on YouTube will also bring you directly to it. You can also click the subscribe button which means the St Ann’s channel will automatically appear among your favourites when you log on to YouTube. Our service is broadcast live at 11am and is then made available as a recording and posted to our Facebook page. We are most grateful to the Select Vestry for their enthusiastic support for this venture and to Heatley Tector of HBV Studios, and his colleagues, for their professional guidance.
Kids’ Club
St Ann’s and St Stephen’s Kids’ Club have not let Coronavirus get in the way of their regular activities! Ever since the start of the lock down they have been meeting every Sunday morning using Zoom and enjoying an array of activities organised by Poppy Comerford and others. Poppy also read the prayers during our service on May 17th by recording them in advance and sending them to the Vicar who was able to feed them into the live Sunday morning broadcast. Details of Kids’ Club activities, and how to join-in, are being sent directly to parents.
Select Vestry
As we are unable, in the present circumstances, to hold an Easter General Vestry meeting, the present Select Vestry will remain unchanged for the time being. When we are able to gather again physically, a meeting will be called for the purpose of electing a new Select Vestry. Members have been meeting using Zoom to discuss various matters not least the installation of the live streaming equipment into St Ann’s Church. Their enthusiasm and support for this project has been much appreciated. It is envisaged that the equipment, while primarily for broadcasting our services, may also be used to live stream the many recitals, concerts and other events which are held regularly in St Ann’s Church. When Wifi is installed in St Stephen’s Church, the mobile camera - which is part of the overall package - will also be able to be used there too.
Keeping in touch
The Vicar, the Reverend Yvonne and Lynn Mills are in regular contact by telephone with parishioners who do not have access to the internet and are therefore unable to watch our service on a Sunday. We are glad to be able to report that everyone is doing well though anxious, as we all are, to return to normal patters of worship as soon as it is safe to do so. Any parishioner reading these notes, who needs help of any kind, or who simply wants to chat, is encouraged to be in touch.
Those who are ill
We continue to remember in our prayers those who are unwell at this time, among them Anneka and Wayne. Your prayers are also asked for Pamela.
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