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was reluctant to embark on this, and I’m not sure that its something we will be able to continue once we return to public worship (I think we’d need better technology for that). It is helping some of our congregation to worship together on Sundays, to see the familiar building and to see and hear their priest. But it doesn’t embrace everyone, we have not suddenly doubled our congregation and we don’t even include some of our faithful regular worshippers. I also think it raises questions about what is real and how are we present to each other that we are in danger of glossing over. This is not the only way in which St. John’s community is remaining together although dispersed in our homes. The old-fashioned telephone keeps us in touch, and everyone receives a weekly email with the Sunday readings and a reflection.
You can find our Facebook page at: Saint-John-the-Evangelist-Sandymount-Dublin-4-249177221775882/
And our web page at
In a further development we used Zoom to hold a church Council meeting. It will be really good to get back to the real, incarnate, face to face world.
Fr. Paul
Screenshot from Sunday’s Eucharist
The Revd Canon Sonia Gyles: Tel. 497 2983
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Parish Administrator: Nikki Murphy
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Sunday Service times:
St. Philips, 8.30 am and 11.30 am. Sandford, 10.00 am.
Wednesday: Holy Communion in Sandford at 10.30 am.
Services, school assemblies, meetings of Select Vestry, SPNS Board of Management, Parish Development Committee and GDPR committee, Coffee & Chat mornings, bell ringing, production of parish magazine, continued pastoral outreach – the ministry of our parishes continues during this pandemic!
Feel free to visit our You Tube channel: Sandford and Milltown Parishes
13 children from the parishes were due to be confirmed by the Archbishop on 3 May and we hold each of the candidates - Thomas, Sasha, Hugh, Cillian, Jago, Kate, Katie, Emily, Alexandra, Fionnuala, Lucy, Ryanne and Sam - and their families in our prayers.
It was with regret that we cancelled the St Philip’s Spring Bazaar – a great community event– but there’s always next year! Our lunchtime
recitals are also cancelled (certainly for June and July; August to be reviewed).
We continue to keep in our prayers all those affected, in so many ways, by the Coronavirus, and all who give so much of themselves for our safety and wellbeing.
With best wishes to all.
Rev Canon David Oxley: 01 834 1015, 086 8816486
The Faithful Departed
Tony Leeson (Santry) died in Beaumont Hospital on 16th April. In his mid-nineties, he had been unwell for some time. Despite the restrictions imposed by the present situation, his funeral was an appropriate send-off for such an interesting and lovely person. We extend our sympathy to his daughters Gill and Gwen, to Ray, and to Tony’s grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
Churchyard Maintenance
Even though the buildings are closed, the grass continues to grow. We are very grateful to the churchwardens and others who continue to keep the churchyards in order, so that we may be ready when we are finally allowed to open the doors again.
The Confirmation Class
The Confirmation Class continues in a small way with a bit of homework – I am not sufficiently tech-savvy to set up Zoom or the like – so that we too may be ready to go whenever a new date is announced.
School Life
School life has come to a standstill. We are grateful to the teachers who have continued to offer various forms of assistance to keep some sort of education going at home. Grateful, too, for the ongoing work of the boards of management. I am conscious that the students in 6th Class will miss out on their special farewell events. Nonetheless we thank them all for their contribution to their school, hope that they have many happy memories to treasure, and wish them every success as they move on to secondary school in September. Similarly we congratulate those who should have been doing the Leaving Cert, and wish them good luck in the next stage of their careers.
Nazirite Vows
One facet of these interesting days is the time to experiment. While some have been experimenting with bowls, combs and scissors, I have been emulating Samson and letting my locks lengthen. Whether I will also gain his physical prowess and his way with the ladies remains to be seen. But as for the prohibition on the grape and its fermented juices, forget it.
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Lay Reader: Hazel Graves. Tel: 288 7444
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Trevor Robinson (Blackrock)
Parish Secretary: Brenda Sweeney. Tel: 288 1091 Tues, Wed and Thurs 9.30 a.m. – 12.30 p.m.
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Services in June
Our Church Services are available on our Facebook page and through our website.
Our Sunday service is available at 10.00am each Sunday morning.
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