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It’s an exciting time for the parish of Donabate and Lusk as progress continues on our building project for which planning permission has been granted. The project has two key elements, namely, the sale of a 1 acre site for a 10 house development and the construction of a community hall that will enable the parish grow into the ever growing Donabate and Lusk communities. Savills have been appointed as the selling agents for the housing site and it is hoped that the sales process will start shortly.
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From the Rector
Since the last Church Review magazine we are continuing with ‘Lockdown’ in hope and prayer that it will improve the number of people affected and break the cycle of the Corona virus pandemic in Ireland but there is light at the end of the tunnel and all being well, Churches will open their doors again on 20th July with services starting 26th July. We plan on resuming with our 8.30am Holy Communion service without hymns. At this service we normally had less than twenty people so we don’t anticipate that social distancing will be a problem, this service is quiet and meditative. As our 11.00am services resume I expect there will be some reluctance for parishioners to congregate. We plan on having every third pew in use with two metres dividing non household members. If numbers require we can use our porch and vestry which are wired for sound and we also have the option of using our halls where we can broadcast the service live. We will use sheets instead of hymn books and prayer books. So, plans are in place for keeping everyone safe while still being able to come together as a parish community.
The consequence of the Lockdown continues to mean that the normal routine of our parish is on pause. The only parish organisation that is continuing during the crisis is our Bible Study. Zoom was something that I was personally totally unfamiliar with before the Lockdown but have become well accustomed to now that our small but faithful Bible Study group are having our meetings on Tuesday evenings on Zoom. We finished the BACI Lenten series ‘Caring for the Garden of the Earth’. All our Church Services are broadcast on Facebook live and can be viewed either live or later on our Facebook page St Maelruain’s Tallaght Parish – Church of Ireland or linked on our parish website We had been having a Taize style service on the fourth Saturday of the month but have been asked to do another service on the second Saturday, both these services will be on Facebook live and also will be able to be viewed later or via a link from our website.
We have now returned to our organised topic readings for the following Sunday after studying Easter, the story of Mary finding the empty tomb and who then mistook Jesus to be the gardener, like the disciples not expecting a physical resurrection. Also doubting Thomas who wasn’t in the locked upper room when Jesus first appeared to the disciples and refused to believe that Jesus had risen and wouldn’t believe until he could physically sample the wounds of Jesus himself. A week later Jesus revealed himself to Thomas to confirm that he had
indeed risen, putting Thomas fears and doubts to rest once and for all. Thomas responded ‘My Lord and my God’ recognising him as the risen Messiah. He turned from a doubter to a believer; some might say he was the hard nosed sceptic checking out the facts on our behalf.
Thomas has particular significance to our Indian parishioners. Thomas is credited with bringing Christianity to Southern India and the State of Kerala who don’t speak of him as ‘Doubting Thomas’ but of ‘Thomas of Indian’. Beginning with the ancient Orthodox Churches in Indian many of the Christians tend to go into the caring professions, that’s why we have so many Indian nurses working in our hospitals.
We looked at the story of the disciples on the road to Emmaus in which, two disciples are walking to Emmaus just days after the crucifixion of Jesus when a third man came close to them and together they walked and discussed Jesus, his resurrection and their doubts and beliefs. When they arrive in Emmaus and join in supper, the third man is recognized as Jesus himself as he broke and blessed the bread. When the two people returned to Jerusalem they pronounced to the disciples that the Lord has risen! If we look at it from the point of view of the disciples by the third day of death, Jews would have believed the soul had left the body, they were expecting the Messiah to save them from the Romans but Jesus tells us he had to suffer before being glorified as the scriptures tell us beginning with Moses, to the prophets and the entire Old Testament to remind us that it was all part of God’s plan, like when we trace at the nine lessons at the Carol Service.
We have looked at Peter’s sermon when 3,000 were added to their number. I am always confronted by the growth of the early Christian Church from the frightened band in the Upper Room to Pentecost and the arrival of the Holy Spirit. During this period we substitute the Old Testament with the reading from the Acts of the Apostles.
On Sunday 4th May we will be looking at the reading of Acts 2: 42-47 ‘The Common Purse’ which in the current economic climate and the ramifications of the Lockdown has particular relevance to us all including our parish. The reading tells us that ‘All the believers were together and had everything in common. Selling their possessions and goods, they shared with anyone who was in need. The Old Testament tells us to tithe ten per cent of our income but we see they shared everything in common.
We have had an empty Church for months, apart from myself and my family videoing services to go on Facebook Live, consequently we have had no collection from the congregation, our Summer Sale is cancelled and our rental income is on hold so as you can imagine it is a dire time for the finances of the parish. Our Parish struggles from year to year to survive financially and the impact of the current situation is unthinkable so we are appealing to parishioners to continue with their regular parish giving. You may contribute by cheque (made payable to Tallaght Parish Church) or on online banking. To obtain the parish bank details please contact the parish office on 462 6006. If you decide to give online please be sure to reference your name so that your contribution is traceable. I thank you on behalf of the Select Vestry for any contribution you can make.
In closing, I’d like to ask people to pray for all those around the world affected by Covid19, this is an event that we will never forget and the effects of which will change many of our lives forever. Perhaps now we all have time to reflect on life itself, in the future ahead we hope good can come out of the changes we are facing while people long for community they may find comfort in coming to church as demonstrated below.
God Bless William
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