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Facebook Live Statistics
(St. Patrick’s Day, Lent and Holy Week and Taize services omitted)
As mentioned previously we have been broadcasting our Church Services on Facebook Live. I thought people may find it interesting to see the statistics:
We are aware of 50 parishioners who view regularly because they are good enough that they have liked or made a comment on each service they watched which gives great encouragement to our ukulele player and videographer.
Easy To Use Smart Phone
In the run up to putting our church Services on line I rang around our elderly parishioners to let them know about the services and discovered that many of them had yet to move on to the technology of a Smart Phone. Following that realisation I saw two advertised ‘Easy to Use Smart Phones’. They have the option of being extra loud and a large display screen which make contacts easily accessible. The family support feature allows friends or relatives to control the phone remotely to offer assistance in using the phone. I saw the advertisement in the RTE Guide and the phones retail for €259.99 and €239.90 respectively, perhaps seems expensive but in these isolating times may be a means of keeping in visual contact with family, extended family and friends in these lonely times for many.
Social distancing - two meters apart
A house of many mansions
Rector - Rev’d Canon Robert Warren: Tel: 298 4497
Curate Assistant – The Rev’d Nigel Pierpoin: Mobile: 087 638
Lay Reader: Trilly Keatinge
Parish Pastoral Visitor: Caroline Brennan
The Parish Office – Tel: 298 5491 (Mon – Fri 9.30am – 1.30pm) Email:
Follow us on Instagram: ‘taneyparish official’
Follow us on Facebook & YouTube: ‘Taney Parish’
Review Distributor: Parish Office Tel: 298 5491
Along with many other Parishes, Taney Parish has been streaming Sunday Services and our midweek Wednesday Service on Facebook and YouTube. We thank those of our Parishioners who have communicated their appreciation of this new way of bringing ‘Church’ to their homes. We have been amazed by the number of ‘views’ that our Services have attracted – way more than our usual congregations Sunday by Sunday!
   I was asked to do a radio interview by the Auxiliary priest assigned to Clondalkin Parish, Rev. Martin O’Connor who does a programme on Dundrum Community Radio, Dundrum Shopping Centre every five weeks. He interviewed me along with the organist of Clondalkin, Peter O’Callaghan ( also of the BB Steadfast Band) and the Lay Reader Barbara O’Callaghan (Peter’s wife) and opened up by asking how the Lockdown has effected us. Peter said how he missed playing music on the organ and Barbara spoke of how she missed worship. I spoke of how myself and the family had taken to broadcasting our services online and about what the impact will be for the future of our Church. The interview was broadcast on Sunday 3rd May.
The funeral of Ruth Farrell took place in St. Maelruain’s Graveyard on Thursday 14th May. We extend our deepest condolences to her children Wendy, Hilary and Roy and to her extended family and friends. Ruth was one of our oldest and faithful parishioners and will be sadly missed.
   The common purse

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