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We will continue to stream our Services on the internet until such time as we are able to re-open our doors and welcome everyone back to St Nahi’s and Christ Church, Taney. It goes without saying that all our normal parish activities have been suspended until further notice.
In light of the ‘road-map’ set out by the government which suggested that Churches might reopen towards the end of July, the clergy have been giving some consideration as to how this can be achieved safely and appropriately, bearing in mind any restriction in relation to social distancing which may be in force at that time, but as yet unknown.
Confirmation 2020
Along with so many other parishes, our Confirmation Service which was planned to be held on Sunday 10th May had to be postponed until some date in the future. While this has been very disappointing for our Candidates and their families – and the Clergy, it is of course totally understandable under the circumstances. Some of the Confirmation Candidates were involved in our online Service on the 10th May and we were particularly grateful to the Archbishop who recorded a special message to the Candidates which was included in that Service. Please pray for our Candidates in this time of uncertainty. They are: Shona Bowers, Alex Curtin, Clara Delany, Hope Keaveney, Harry Larkin, Amy Macken, Finn O’Neill, Derek Owhor, Beulah Rowan, Annabel Squires, Sophie Stewart, Aaron Wallace.
On-line Worship Resources
Via the Parish Website ( you will be able to link in with Church Services that the Clergy are broadcasting on both Facebook and YouTube. See above. Should you not have access to a computer or tablet we can send a link to your smart phone via ‘WhatsApp’ or text message. Please text your name and number to the Clergy phone 083 477 1673 and we will send you the link.
There are further online resources as listed below
Diocesan worship
Church of Ireland Daily Prayer prayer-worship/lectionary/daily-prayer
St Patrick’s Cathedral (11.15am & 3.15pm) & Christ Church Cathedral (11.00am) live stream their services on Sunday morning on the following links:
St Patrick’s Cathedral video-stream/
Christ Church Cathedral video-stream-1/
Church Review
We thank the Editor of the Church Review, Rev Nigel Waugh and his production team for making the Church Review available online in these difficult days.
Church of Ireland Gazette
You can either download a pdf at or read it in our ePaper format - just click this link -
Hospital and Pastoral Visits
During the current health emergency, please understand that the clergy no longer have access to hospitals or nursing homes. In the event of a pastoral concern or emergency, the Clergy are available on the Parish emergency phone (083 477 1673).
Our sympathy and prayers are with all who have recently been bereaved, remembering especially:-
Roy Huber and family on the death of his sister-in-law, Olivia Huber.
Jenny Kyne and Linda Duffy and their families on the death of their father, Stanley Dagg.
Catherine Coxon & Stephen Hinds and their families on the death of their mother, Muriel Hinds.
Carol Robinson Tweed and Tom and their families on the death of Carol’s mother, Patricia (Pat) Robinson.
Andrew Quin and family on the death of his mother, Vivienne Quin.
Daphne Scott on the death of her sister-in-law, Vivienne Quin.
Lynda Goldsmith and family on the death of her husband, Alan Goldsmith.
Janet McLoone and family on the death of Janet’s nephew, Andrew Kenny.
Anne & Nigel Pierpoint and their family on the death of Anne’s mother, Lena Bothwell.
Eve Carter and family on the death of her brother, Alan Byrne.
May those coming to terms with life without a loved one, know the comfort of God’s love at this difficult time.
Dean of Residence and Anglican Chaplain: The Revd Steven Brunn Email: Website:
No notes this month.
The Revd. John Tanner: Tel. 289 3154
Diocesan Lay Minister: Alan Rhodes. Tel. 288 7402
Parish Reader: Sally McEachern. Tel. 289 3183
Church Review: Jill Malcolm. Tel.289 3365
Sunday Services: 8.30a.m. and 10.30a.m. (7:00p.m. 3rd Sunday) Mid-week Service: Wednesdays at 10.15a.m.
As I write we are looking forward to the first step in easing restrictions imposed by the Coronavirus pandemic. We hope and pray that the outlined steps will enable us all to see light at the end of the tunnel and will not cause an increase in infection rates. As part of the planned steps, it is envisaged that church buildings will be again open for public worship after 20th July – which effectively means Sunday 26th July will see the first Sunday Services. Ahead of this, we will need to implement health and safety strategies in line with HSE guidelines, which we hope will become clearer closer the time.
In the meantime, virtual Services are being posted regularly online. In all probability this will continue for the foreseeable future as it is highly unlikely that more vulnerable parishioners will be recommended to attend Sunday Services for some time to come.
The impact of lockdown has meant that all social and fundraising activities have been put on hold. In addition, it has not been possible to hold our annual Easter General Vestry and we will keep this under review until a time when it will be deemed safe to hold it.
Remembrance Garden Renovation
Looking through our archives, it is now a year since the renovation of our Garden of Remembrance. The photograph below shows how successful this venture has been and it has been a tremendous enhancement of our Church grounds.
    From the Registers
22nd April 2020 (in Mount Jerome Crematorium) – Muriel Hinds 29th April 2020 (in St Nahi’s) – Mary O’Hanlon
6th May 2020 (in Deansgrange Cemetery) – Alan Goldsmith
7th May 2020 (in St Nahi’s) – Vivienne Quin
8th May 2020 (in St Nahi’s) – Helena (Lena) Bothwell

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