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such as hairdressers. It is hard to fathom why public Libraries can open some six weeks before Churches, but I suggest there is little to be gained in pushing the issue.
The Select Vestry has already begun to make preparations for our return to worship. The Parish Health and Safety Officer, Ruth Hunter- Nolan is working on a series of risk-assessments and roadmaps for the Select vestry to consider and implement to ensure that we can return to worship safely and that in due course other parish activities and hall users may return. This is a considerable job of work and I am grateful to Ruth and to the rest of the SV who continue to serve long after we might have hoped to hold a General Easter Vestry.
Online Worship
Each Thursday a service for the coming Sunday and a service sheet is uploaded to the parish website and on Sunday morning it goes out on Facebook. The service is usually Morning Prayer, with two hymns, a psalm, a short sermon and a few notices for the week ahead. I commend it to you. Obviously worshipping at home is not the same as being in Church. But it is worth closing other tabs, centring yourself and getting into the right headspace to focus. I have tried this too and it is difficult. The comfort of one’s quarantine jammies, a mug of hot tea (other libations are available) and the ever present iPhone, tv and notifications are a recipe for distraction. That is why in normal circumstances we don’t go to church and surround ourselves with these things in worship. Watching me in a dimly lit church talking into a laptop cannot compete with Netflix, Disney+ and the delights of the internet – and it’s not supposed to.
It is likely that when public worship resumes we will still have an online service. In part this is because we may need to restrict the numbers who can physically come to church, but it is also because the numbers who watch the service (to the end) each week on Vimeo or on Facebook far exceed the numbers we could have expected to have had in the pews. I’m reluctant to stop reaching out to this online congregation.
In the meantime morning and evening prayer is said in the church daily, and the bell tolls as a sign to the community that they are being prayed for.
Zoom Bible Study
On Tuesday evenings at 8.00p.m. we have our zoom bible study, looking at the Acts of the Apostles. We have already seen the election of Matthias to replace Judas, the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost and we will continue to journey with the disciples as they transition from being closed in the upper room to being unleashed on the world in the power of the Spirit to build the Church. Just think what we too can do in the power of the Spirit once we are released from this lockdown.
Zion Church Spirit
Each Thursday Margaret Healion, Diocesan Lay Reader and Zion Parish Administrator, sends out a colourful ezine of all things Zion. It contains the Sunday readings, a pastoral letter from the Rector and pictures and stories from parishioners about what they have been up to during lockdown, or what has sustained them. There is also details of online cultural highlights people may have missed and notices for the week ahead. If you would like this to receive this ezine and other communication from the parish please email
Zion kids
Sunday Club has been paused since March. The Sunday Club WhatsApp group is the best resource for seeping the group together. There have been Sunday Club Zoom calls and some shared activities to do at home. For the Rector’s video messages to the children of Zion Church & School see the Videos page on the parish website. Plans are being drawn up for how we will see a phased return to Sunday Club in the autumn once schools have reopened.
The Select Vestry has written to all parishioners setting out how we are dealing with the new financial landscape. If you have not received this please email the office. I commend this important piece of correspondence to your careful consideration.
Parish Quiz
On Saturday 30th May at 8.00pm there will be a parish quiz on Zoom. BYOB. To get the Zoom Link for this email the parish on
Zion Church Spirit is sent out each Thursday by email

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