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Arklow, Inch, Kilbride Parish(group)
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Services: Sunday - St. Brigid’s, Kilbride:
Psalm 27:13 puts it like this, ‘ I would have despaired unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.’ The Lord is with us as we live through this troubled time.
Rector: Rev. Olive Donohoe. The Rectory Athy, Co Kildare. Mobile/Text: 087-2209945. Email:
Uth Group Team Leader: Emma Purser.
Diocesan Lay Reader: Bill King.
Church Review Distributor: Roy Kelly. Tel: 059-8631607.
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Parish Website: From the Rector:
Tidy up kitchen. Tick. Organize books in study. Tick. Sort out wardrobe. Tick. Dust skirting boards. Tick. Sort out utility room. Again. Tick. It’s no wonder our teenagers are tic toc ing. There is only so much tidying and reorganizing we can do in one lifetime.
Virtual Church is the new normal and Zooming the ‘in’ thing and while it has been difficult enough to get going, it is now a little easier. We are so lucky herein Athy Union to have the help we need to make it work, Serge Adido works his magic on all the disparate Whatsapp videos I send and so on Sunday morning we gather as usual, in the ether! He records me and then the parishioners record their contribution of prayers, readings and sermons from myself, Bill King and Jane Burns. I can never thank the parishioners of athy Union enough for their willingness to help and to record prayers and readings. The response has been amazing. Interestingly enough, the more mature parishioners found it difficult at first but are gaining confidence. Although I started off not really understanding (but pretending I did!) what ‘streaming’ was, now it trips casually off the tongue. Church after lockdown is going to be a very different place. Obviously we are going to have to get a signal in our churches and we may be able to offer people who cannot get physically to Church but would love to, an option to join us online. For myself, I find the empty church when we are recording extremely emotional, poignant even and long for us all to be back together, socially distanced of course! And the Roots resources for Sunday Club are a great help and the Roots resources
for adults are well worth exploring too.
Big Thank You to the Diocesan Office, Church House and Archbishop Michael for their support and regular correspondence during these few months. It really does make a difference as it’s easy to feel very alone in Lockdown and self isolation. So Thank You again.
Around Athy Union:
Uth Group: Undeterred, the Uth group mat online for a Zoom Quiz and it went well. Emma Purser, our Youth Leader, has something up her sleeve for tonight as I write these few words so I will report on same next month. Condolences: It was with immense sadness that we learned of the death of Jack Bradley who passed away in his sleep in Clover Lodge nursing home where he had been so well cared for for some time. To his beloved wife Helen and to his sons Mervyn and John, his daughter in law Sharon and his adored grandson Jack we send our deepest sympathy and assure you of our love and continued support in our prayers. A memorial service for Jack will be held at a later date.
The death has taken place in England of Elizabeth (Liz) Ovington aged 92 formerly of Athy Parish. Liz and her late husband Tony moved to Cambridge in England some years ago to be near their son Nigel and daughter Jennifer. They will be fondly remembered by many parishioners. To Nigel and Jennifer and their families and to Brian and Elizabeth Ovington and their family we send our deepest sympathy.
Condolences also to Carol Coyle on the death of her Aunt Ida Mitchell In Abbeyleix. Again, we send our deepest sympathy.
May they Rest In Peace and Rise in Glory. Please keep all those who are grieving in your prayers.
       2nd, 4th HC, 5th SOW 1st & 3rd HC, 2nd MP & 4th SOW, 5th SOW
St. Saviour’s, Arklow:
1st & 3rd HC, 2nd SOW & 4th MP, 5th SOW
MP – Morning Prayer. HC - Holy Communion SOW – Service of the Word.
From the Curate...
Those who know me will recall the many times I refer to the work of the Austrian neurologist, psychiatrist and logotherapists, Viktor Frankl. One of Frankl’s most famous quotes is: “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”
It gives me great joy to see the multitude of responses to COVID- 19 from individuals in our parishes. Phone calls, offers to shop, virtual coffee meetings are reaching across the 2 metres / 5 kilometre restrictions.
While our Church remains open, we are now considering how our churches can be opened for Sunday worship. We still face some difficult decisions but there is confidence in the strength and creativity of the Spirit to carry us through.
We continue to remember Sophie Goode who is currently in hospital.
We extend our sympathy to Lynda Burke on the death of her stepfather.
Month of June
Once again our plans to hold events had to be cancelled. This is the first time since the inception of the Friends of St Saviour’s in 1999 that there will be no annual general meeting, no blessing of the animals service which was started a few years ago and certainly no Songs of Praise Service to end off the second Sunday in June.
A Reflection from Mary
At the beginning of the year I looked forward and made many plans, the year unfolded before me and I anticipated lots of things to come, and felt joyful at the prospect of Spring and spending lots of time with friends. Then things changed for us all and the following piece from Proverbs came to mind, ‘The mind of man plans his ways but the Lord direct his steps.’ <Proverbs 16:9> All the plans were cast aside and the time planned out on so many activities was redirected as many of us have turned to the Lord in a steadfast and very meaningful way.
Out of the Covid 19 crisis and the fear and anxiety surrounding it so many good things have also happened. Neighbours reaching out to each other, meals being delivered, help lines and a genuine feeling of community and solidarity surrounding us all. God is at work in all this and it brings so much joy to us.
10.00a.m. 1 & 3rd MP,
Inch: 10.00a.m

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