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 Archbishop Michael Jackson and Archdeacon Neal O’Raw recording a service in Narraghmore Church for 17th May 2020
Lay Reader: Caroline Tindal
Parish Administrator: Karen Reynolds 087 2866889 Review Circulation: Pauline O’Sullivan (Newcastle),
Jane O’Herlihy (St. Matthews), Eithi Seymour (Calary) Review Notes: Gillian Beare
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Newcastle Church
13 March 2020
Sophie McCormick, 13 Castlewood Ave, Rathmines, Dublin 6
14 March 2020
Elsie Norse, Kilmartin House, Newcastle, Co Wicklow
Elsie Norse
Elsie was a long-standing and active member of our Parish. She was involved in many activities such as singing in the choir, helping with flower arranging in the church (her arum lilies from around the lake at her home were famous!), helping to run the cake stall at every parish fete, going on all the parish outings, and of last attending the monthly parish lunch. We will miss her funny comments and interest in parish life. Sincere condolences to James, Mary, and Ed and all the wider family, and friends near and far.
Rector: Rev’d Cathy Hallissey
Website: Parish Offifice: (Secretary, Mrs Mandy Berkeley) Tel/Fax: 2863862
Review Circulation: Mrs Joyce Roe. Tel: 2862645
The Parishes of Powerscourt with Kilbride offer greetings from our various homes to all those through the United Dioceses at this time. Little by little things are returning to normal but slowly, as they should be, with not absolute cure in sight as yet. The Community here has been strengthened by these unprecedented conditions and the continuous outreach from family to family is astounding. Everyone is keeping an eye on everyone else and our thanks continue to the Care Group here for their immense care and supervision of those cocooning and more isolated.
The Graveyard here beside the Rectory has become a place of quiet and distanced sanctuary for those within the kilometre limits and what
was previously a place to be visited in the memory of a loved one has expanded its duty now to providing solace and a place to breathe safely at this time.
We are grateful to the teachers of Powerscourt National School and their Headmaster Stephen Middleton for organising ‘home-work’ to be done and taking the time to assess on a continuous basis, the ever- changing needs and responses of their pupils. This is learning curve for everyone, parents and teachers alike, and we are grateful for their constant care and vigilance.
School Assemblies take place through videos from Copperpot the Orangutan who brings Birthday Greetings to those who celebrate same throughout the past week. This is an attempt to provide a little of the normal routine, albeit in a different setting and often surrounded by Rectory Hens!
If we look carefully at this whole process of lockdown within our own homes and houses we may well see a process take place within ourselves. Questions emerge, not only to do with the way we have been living our lives in the past, but quite often as a result of the recognition of the knock-on effects of this pandemic in the lives of our younger people. All of us in Children’s Ministry at present are acutely aware of the lack of ‘rite of passage’ for those who are leaving primary school to enter Secondary and those who are leaving college. It seems that they all left, bemused at this new event, but without realising (naturally) that ‘that was it!’ that they wouldn’t be returning to the familiar but thrust out into the unfamiliar without the usual events leading up to this. The question being asked is ‘what can we do to help this?’ and I am aware that parents and teachers alike will more than adequately and ably step up to the mark where this is concerned but, as Church, what might our role be in this and what might we produce to at least offer recognition of the difficulties surrounding this? There is certainly room for prayers and reflections purposely designed and crafted with younger people in mind and with emphasis on God’s continual presence as well as acknowledging the difficulties which may arise in these restricted circumstances. Perhaps some Scriptures might lend themselves to these situations.
Our deepest condolences go to Parishioners from our Grouped Parishes who have suffered loss at this time, especially those who, due to current restrictions, have been unable to travel to the funerals of loved ones. Our prayers and intentions are with these people and we pray that God’s love surrounds them, providing them with strength and peace at this time.
Rector: Rev Brian O’Reilly. Mobile: 086 2230271
Rectory Phone: 0404 43814
Review notes: Heather Sheane. Email: Tel: 0404-44472
Sunday Service
Services are still discontinued because of the Covid-19 pandemic. This cessation of regular worship every Sunday hits small rural churches particularly hard as church members can live at considerable distances from each other and can feel cut off and isolated. We now have a five phase roadmap for the reopening of our country and if all goes well churches will be allowed to open for public worship during the fourth phase on July 20th. Until then, the Rector will continue to record a service each Sunday and this helps to bring us together as a parish.
These services are a great comfort and we thank Brian our Rector for organising and conducting these services and to Dr Leo Kilroy for playing the organ and Cillian O’Reilly for filming.
Plant Sale
Because of the pandemic, the annual church sale will not be held. However, Lin Ryan has been busy growing large numbers of plants in preparation for the sale and these can be bought by the box. The smaller boxes cost 29 euro and the bigger boxes 30 euro. Call Leo Kilroy at 087-378262 to place your order.
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