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Prayer list
Even though we are not meeting face to face the prayer group is still praying for those who are ill and who have requested prayers. If you would like to add a name to the list then contact the Rector or Lin Ryan.
Rector: The Revd. Jack Kinkead Tel: 086 172 7654 Email:
Assistant Priest: The Revd. Ken Rue. Tel: 087 276 6590 Email:
Review Distribution: Mr. Jonathon Patton Tel: 086 739 9591 Mrs. Lesley Rue Tel: 087 281 0478
Wicklow Parish
Unusually for Wicklow, the church has now been locked for the past couple of months. We miss so much of what we take for granted in church life, primarily the opportunities to meet together in a place which has been dedicated for the worship of Almighty God. Of course, the use of technology has allowed us to stay connected in worship, and to gather virtually. This substitute is not the same as actually being present, but it is far better than having no connection at all. As we celebrate Pentecost, and move into the season of Trinity, we have the chance to reflect on the ways we deal with radical change. As we look forward, may we be hopeful. And as we look back, may we be grateful.
Zoom services continue on Sunday mornings (Nuns Cross) and Wednesday evenings (both parishes). All are welcome to join in, and we’d be delighted to welcome virtual visitors too!
Sunday Services
Killiskey Sunday Services have settled into a “new normal” for the present. They are held via Zoom video conferencing which facilitates participation with different people reading scripture, praying and singing from their own homes. One downside is the inability to have congregational singing due to differing bandwidths and speeds. This, however, does not stop people pressing the mute button and singing joyously!
Wednesday Evening Services
A new joint Wednesday evening online service at 7.30pm has attracted good support from Wicklow & Killiskey parishioners. The two forms of Night Prayer have been used – Compline and A Late Evening Office.
Select Vestry Plans for re-opening Nun’s Cross Church
The Killiskey select vestry met by Zoom and has been giving thought as to how re-opening might take place. Should the Government’s plans come to fruition, this will happen at the end of July. A review of seating plans, allowing for the closure of alternate rows and allowing for social distancing outside of family groupings, suggests a maximum attendance of approximately sixty people. Should the Government’s mass gathering requirements necessitate a lower number it may be necessary for a rota to be established to determine who may attend in person on given Sundays. Other measures will include hand sanitising, printed orders of service (rather than prayer books) and no tea/coffee afterwards until deemed safe.
The Hub
The volunteers in the parish’s Ashford Charity Shop have met remotely to discuss plans for re-opening safely. This will involve personal protective equipment, physical shielding, social distancing and the establishment of maximum numbers permitted in the shop at any one time. It is hoped that it may be possible to re-open on 15 June.
The Coronavirus in Rwanda
The World Health Organisation has expressed concern that the pandemic could take off in Africa. On 26 April, the Killiskey Sunday Service was joined by Marcel Sebahire, Diocesan Head of Education & Youth Department in Shyogwe Diocese, Rwanda. He told us that the day after the first case of Covid 19 in Rwanda its government announced a lockdown. No deaths had been reported by 26 April.
After two weeks of lockdown, Rwandans started experiencing food shortages, and people started going hungry as they could not go out for work in circumstances whereby a large number of the population depend on daily wages.
Places of worship and schools were the ones to be shut first. Schools will not return until September although they operate on a calendar year basis there. Christians are having worship services for their families in their homes. Pastors, with people who have got smartphones, have created Group WhatsApp to be in touch with parish members and so that they can share words of faith. There are radio and TV services as well.
Shyogwe Diocese is not able to pay salaries to clergy and church workers. Some church workers are suspended and many more await suspension or salary reduction.
When asked what we can learn from this coronavirus epidemic, Marcel responded:
• To develop a personal relationship with God;
• To constantly keep praying with hope and faith that God answers prayers;
• To stand firm on our faith, despite the darkest and scariest of times;
• To share with one another even the little we can get, and promote solidarity;
• To reduce faith dependence (you may pray and worship alone or with your family, without necessarily being in congregation); and
• To spiritually nurture or feed oneself
Ecumenical Bible Week
In the week between Pentecost and Trinity Sunday, a series of ecumenical times of worship, talks and seminars have been held in parishes and central venues within the United Dioceses for a number of years. This year the regular programme has been suspended in the hope that it might take place later in the year. However, there will still be an online zoom programme during the week. This will consist of:
• Morning Prayer at 10pm on Tuesday 2 June, led by Philip and Julie McKinley.
• A webinar at 3pm on Thursday 4 June on the immediate and ongoing effects of Coronavirus on the churches. Scott Evans will be one of the contributors. Another contributor will be Professor Sam McConkey who has featured on a number of occasions on TV commenting about infectious diseases.
• Evening Prayer at 7pm on Sunday 7 June from St Finian’s Lutheran Church.
In addition, musicians and singers from all the Christian traditions have been requested to record and share a hymn, song, piece of music or an original piece that speaks to this year’s theme of “Faith in the Public Square” and to our current experience of faith in this most different of public spaces. It is hoped to share these as reflections throughout the week to inspire, support, comfort, encourage, give hope and emphasise that we are connected in prayer and hope as a Christian family of faith, even in these most difficult of times.
Further details of this year’s programme will be available on and on Facebook at bibleweekie/
Left: Preparing for the Easter Vigil.
Right: The Killiskey Select Vestry in virtual session

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