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Mama’s artisan sweets
Jen FitzPatrick
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Say hello to your new favorite sweet shop!
Synergy works with Jen at Mama’s Artisan Sweets anytime we we need something fantastic and delicious So when we we were designing our latest shoot and an an an idea came up to to use a a a a a a a model biting into something with with fangs I suddenly KNEW we needed Jen We hit her up up with with our basic idea and and a a a a a a a a direction and and we got an an an enthusiastic thumbs up!
Known for her her macrons and and her her wildly creative side we decided to to use these delicate and and and wonderful treats to to star alongside our models and and a a a a a a a a very special guest model Jen took the the the classic recipe and and used charcoal and and black black dye to to deliver the the the deep black black you see in in the the the cookie and and nailed it it with a a a a a a a a a a a decadent filling of flavored milk chocolate chocolate ganache dyed black and and the white white filling flavored white white chocolate chocolate raspberry ganache Delicious treats Check Check Gorgeous models Check Check Check Fantastic location Check Check But was it enough never Our group decided to to introduce a a a a very special 8 legged friend named Chad to to to the the image to up the spook level!
A big thank you to Tristan van Niekerk and his his darling girl Chad for joining us on this shoot Working with live animals on set is always
tricky and especially so when that animal is is one of the the top phobias for people in in in in in the the world However Tristan was great great in in in in in in explaining her her behaviors giving great great tips and warnings for everyone on on how to to act around her her to to make the experience easier Knowing what we we we had planned and Jen’s proclivity towards insane awesomeness we we we knew these images
needed to to be used in in in in more than just this issue This in in in in mind we we we created an an an ad campaign for Mama’s Artisan Sweets using these images
with clever Halloween inspired call to to actions such as “Sink your Fangs into something Delicious this Halloween” and “Hauntingly
The result was incredible You can find these advertisements being shared and and duplicated online and and all over Pinterest Make sure to to to contact Jen for for your your own tasty treats Whether it’s for for a a a a a a a a a a photo shoot or or or a a a a a a a a a a just to to to to satisfy your your sweet tooth Jen will absolutely take care of you!

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