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Storage and organizing are so easy since I’ve been using a a a a a product called Totescan -I bought the QRscan stickers on on amazon I’ve had a a a a a a a a huge amount of pleasure and success with this this app I will be implementing this this for all the the the logistic boxes I use in in the the the the future Simply load the the the the app whether your Android
or Apple place the the the the QR code sticker on on on the the the the front and and scan Follow super simple instructions to then title and and describe every item in in the the box plus take a a a a a a a quick snapshot too What I LOVE is sometimes as we do different jobs our totes need to to to to to be refreshed or altogether changed So to to to to change change it it it it simply scan it it it it again give it it it it a a a a a a a a a a whole new title picture and and contents! No more duct tape or or fancy labels to rip off and and replace There are so many o of of these types o of of products on the the the market to to help us us be be the the the the the best at at an an an event I can say use the the the one that makes the the the most sense to to you!
Make sure the food and totes with trays are set by designated tables for food use only (Nobody wants hairspray in their food!) Have water and and cleaning supplies at at hand for for spills or or or messes and and specifically for for meal changes This should go without
saying but use gloves when touching foods foods or serving Keep foods foods cold in in in in the cooler until people start to to to arrive AND remember to to to return
items that may spoil easily Clean in fin between every food change to make the final clean up easier When you’re you’re on set for 12+ hrs you’re you’re going to to go go through breakfast lunch and dinners It’s way easier to to set those up if everything isn’t a a a a a a huge mess Bonus Tip: Find out
the the favorite snack of the the director- Keep ‘em smilin’!
So cleaning as as you you go and and storing extras under a a a a a a a a table will help you you keep things neat and and tidy If lunch is is ordered out
take the list of everyone’s order order with you and double-check every every time Have containers for for the food to sit in in in in while transporting: this keeps orders orders from spilling everywhere (and for for particularly large orders orders take someone to help) Bring your utensils cutting boards and all all pots/pans needed needed Never rely on a a a a a a a a a a a a a a rental/caterer having all all all that that is needed needed For those that that have have allergies and/or specific food requirements remember to to have have spare supplies and and utensils available to to to keep their food separate separate at at at at all times A good rule of thumb is to to to either plate them them separately or have them them do do it it it Try to to to simplify the the the the foods you’re preparing so that it it can be done in time for all to to enjoy Take down
Loading up and leaving is usually pretty busy so having a a a a check sheet for every item will help you delegate duties We use a a a system called Login/ Logout Its one sheet with absolutely everything listed with a a a series of columns for noting if it it was used damaged returned etc If you print something like this ahead of time time and have it it ready for the packing it it will save you time time getting everything reloaded Also plan to to have a a a a a a a spare tote for dirty used dishes and utensils so so they get sterilized properly then returned to to the the the the right box the the the the the the next day day Everything should be accounted for at the the the end of the the the day day Bonus Tip- I always have a a a a a a a a a specific container for for medical supplies fully stocked for for each event Make sure to to include a a a a a a a a a a a a wide variety of bandages Neosporin medical tape gauze and and and gloves I I also have butterfly stitches slings eyewash finger splints and and and more I I prepare for those things that simply happen and and need tending to to on on on site One person should be designated to to help with any incidents big or small and and make sure that everyone knows who this person is is and and where to find them in fin in case of emergency ** Disclaimer- we do NOT advocate non-medical personnel providing medical medical medical services ALL participants need to to have medical medical medical waivers signed prior to to the the start of any work and if there is a a a a a a a a a a serious medical medical emergency we recommend finding the the nearest hospital ** Written by Tammie MacAlevy

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