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Gathering Background Knowledge for Students
 Written by: Shelley Kress Award-Winning Las Vegas Teacher
Background knowledge is the understanding of material that can be used as a foundation for new information and skills. When students have background knowledge, they can more easily grasp and understand new concepts.
Background knowledge can be incredibly important to the success of students as it helps with critical thinking, enables higher-order thinking skills, and connects to real-world problems. Background knowledge also provides tools that will help students to problem-solve, find the relevance in what they are learning, and can increase motivation and engagement.
A great way to think about background knowledge is to consider it a stepping stone for students - a way to build information and prepare connections for future learning.
These are some suggestions for families that will help to build background knowledge for their students.
Read with your children from a variety of books (different genres, different time periods, variety of characters & settings). Make connections while you read to the storyline, the characters, and settings.
Spend time outdoors exploring nature. Observing plants and animals. Point out different plants, animals, and natural elements.
Age-appropriate educational TV shows, videos or documentaries, as well apps that focus on early learning concepts. Some programs and apps are designed to teach letters, numbers, shapes, and more in an interactive and engaging way.
Take trips to museums, science centers, historical sites, and other educational exhibits. These outings provide hands-on learning experiences and expose children to a variety of subjects. Simple field trips to places like the zoo, museum, or a local farm can expose your child to new experiences and provide opportunities for learning.
Encourage questions about the world around them, and take the time to answer the questions. If you don't know the answer, explore together through books, videos, or digital resources!

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