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TURNING TO THE RIGHT: Slang term referring to actual drilling time as opposed to repair time, trip time, etc. TURNKEY CONTRACT: Contract under which contractor carries out and completes his assignment for a fixed fee, as opposed to working on per diem basis.
TWIST-OFF: To fracture a joint of drill pipe in two, necessitating a recovery or fishing operation.
VUG: A cavity in a rock. WAITINGONCEMENT(W.O.C.):Timeperiodthatdrillingissuspendedwhilethecementusedtoholdcasing in the wellbore hardens.
WELL LOGGING: Recording information about subsurface geologic formations; methods include records kept by the driller, mud and cutting analysis, core analysis, drill stem tests, electric and radioactivity procedures. WHIPSTOCK: Long steel wedge used to deflect the bit from the original borehole at a slight angle for controlled directional drilling, for straightening crooked holes, and for sidetracking in or to bypass an unretrieved fish.
WILDCAT: Well drilled in unproven territory.
WORKOVER: To carry out remedial operations on an producing well with the intention of restoring or increasing production.

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