Page 193 - SS22 Cook & Dine Catalogue Int
P. 193

   La Cafetière 113ml Double
Walled Espresso Jack Glasses
Set of four borosilicate glass cups. Gift boxed.
New code: LCDWJESPRES4PC Old code: CA880406
La Cafetière Double Walled
Ceramic Espresso Mugs
Sets of two with luxury gold interiors and matt black exteriors.
Gift boxed.
1. Small – 70ml
New code: LCDWMUG702PC Old code: 5227020
La Cafetière Mysa Ceramic 100ml Brights Espresso Mugs Set of four. Gift boxed.
New code: LCBRESPRESS4PC Old code: 5200439
      La Cafetière Mysa Ceramic 400ml Brights Mugs Tagged.
2. Medium – 110ml
New code: LCDWMUG1102PC Old code: 5227038
     1. Aqua
New code: LCBRMUGAQU Old code: 5200437
2. Red
New code: LCBRMUGRED Old code: 5200438

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