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   Hi-T® FILTER TeaPots
London Pottery Hi-T stoneware teapots with infuser. It is a modern take on the loose–leaf teapot, with a minimalist, conical shape. The high–grade stainless steel tea filter allows all your favourite flavours from loose leaves to steep and infuse, but without escaping into your mug, for a smooth and superior–tasting cup of tea. Stoneware lid also doubles up as a drip tray for the filter basket. Simply stand the basket on the lid, and it’ll catch any drips, leaving you with less mess.
giftable packaging
4 Cup Geo Filter Teapot
24cm x 16cm x 14.5cm 1.1 litres
Cobblestone Geo Filter Teapot
London Pottery Ceramic Hi-T Filter Teapots
With a removable filter handle for a perfect grip to lift.
Gift boxed.
2 Cup Hi-T Filter Teapot
20.5cm x 10.5cm x 12.5cm 650ml
4 Cup Hi-T Filter Teapot
23.5cm x 13cm x 14cm 1 litre
Peppermint Hi-T Teapots
2 cup – 650ml 78204 4cup–1litre78404 4cup–1litre78402
Honey Hi-T Teapots Splash Hi-T Teapots
Green Hi-T Teapots
     2 cup – 650ml 78202
    2 cup – 650ml 78203 2 cup – 650ml 78205
4cup–1litre78403 4cup–1litre78405 4cup–1.1litres77475

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