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 MasterClass Angled Measuring Jugs
Angled design makes measurements easy to read from all angles including top down for easier measuring. With soft grip non-slip handles for precision pouring. Tagged.
easy to read from all angles - measure without bending to check and adjust
1. 400ml
Colourworks Brights Three Piece Measuring Jug Sets
With matching coloured handles these three piece jug sets (200ml, 400ml and 900ml) are available in four colours. Jugs are individually barcoded allowing them to
be sold as a set or as separate pieces. Sleeved. CWMJUGSETRED
sets of three measuring jugs
soft grip non-slip handle
Measuring Jugs & Cups
     2. 1 litre
KitchenCraft World of Flavours Dry Measure
Features internal measurements for peas and beans, semolina and raisins, rice and cocoa, white and black pepper, flour, salt and sugar. Measures up to 200g. Gift tagged. WFDRYMEASURE
KitchenCraft 9cm Glass Measuring Cup
For measuring both wet and dry ingredients. Measure to the line markings in key ingredient groups to a maximum capacity of 350g, 12oz, 15fl oz, 425ml and 11⁄2 cups. Display boxed. KCGLSMEASURE
KitchenCraft Apple Farm Ceramic
Stacking Measuring Cup Set
A set of four stacking measuring cups with printed hen detail and finished with a hand painted wash. Measures 1 cup, 1⁄2 cup,
/1 3 cup and 1⁄4 cup. Display boxed. AFMCUPSET

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