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 natural elements
The big
green clean
#cleaning - the cleaning social media trend continues to drive sales and consumers are increasingly making sustainable choices when purchasing household products for their homes.
    Natural Elements Eco-Friendly Recycled
Plastic Cleaning Brushes
Made from 100% recycled plastics and straw fibre. Tagged.
      1. Dish brush
2. Pot brush
4. Slim brush
tough non-scratch bristles
ideal for hard to reach areas
3. Dual brush
slim design ideal for narrow spaces
5. Bottle brush
360° bristles
Why Straw Fibre?
Unlike plastic sponges, straw fibre will not release ocean-damaging
plastic particles into drains.
  Natural Elements Eco-Friendly
Recycled Plastic Window Wiper
Made from 100% recycled plastic. Flexible blade adapts to many surfaces including curved. Tagged.
precision edge for streak-free drying
Natural Elements Eco-Friendly Recycled
Plastic Dustpan and Brush
Pan and handle made from 100% recycled plastics with straw fibre bristles.
Flexible lip flexes to any
floor surface. Tagged.
non-scratch bristles
High performance eco-cleaning products made from recycled plastic and straw fibre for a cleaner kitchen and a greener planet.

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