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  Crusty Bake
 MasterClass Crusty Bake Non-Stick Pizza Crisper 32cm (121⁄2"). Sleeved. KCMCCB14
also use for bruschetta and warming bread
for a crispy pizza crust and base
MasterClass Crusty Bake
Non-Stick Baguette Tray
Holds two baguettes. 39cm x 16.5cm x 2.5cm (151⁄2" x 61⁄2" x 1"). Display boxed.
      perforations along the base and sides for a perfect crisp crust
Crusty loaves in no time at all thanks to an award winning perforated design.
MasterClass Crusty Bake Non-Stick Box Sided Loaf Tins
Double layer non-stick coating. Sleeved.
do the tap, tap test for no soggy bottom
     1.Loaftin–1lb,15cmx9cmx7cm 2.Loaftin–2lb,21cmx11cmx7cm (6"x31⁄2"x23⁄4") (81⁄4"x41⁄2"x23⁄4") KCMCCB41 KCMCCB20

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