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 MasterClass Non-Stick Spring Form
Quick Release Heart Shape Cake Tin
22.5cm x 21.5cm x 7.5cm (9" x 81⁄2" x 3"). Sleeved.
     MasterClass Non-Stick Twenty-Four
Hole Whoopie Pie / Macaron Tin
35cm x 27cm (holes 4.5cm x 0.5cm). Sleeved.
MasterClass Non-Stick
Four Hole Tartlet Tin
With individual loose bases. 26cm x 26cm (holes 10cm x 3cm). Sleeved. KCMCHB87
with individual loose bases
MasterClass Non-Stick
Savarin Cake Tin
For baking rum baba, piñata cakes and preparing cold savouries such as salmon mousse and rice rings. 20cm (8"). Depth 5.5cm. Sleeved. KCMCHB76
MasterClass Non-Stick
Raised Fluted Flan Tin
With a raised loose base for making fruit flans. 20cm (8"). Depth 3cm. Sleeved. KCMCHB84
     MasterClass Non-Stick
Round Fluted Cake Tin
With sculptured pattern. 27cm (101⁄2"). Depth 8cm. Sleeved.
MasterClass Non-Stick
Extra Deep Fluted Flan Tin
With an extra deep 5.5cm base for deep filled quiches and flans. 25cm (10"). Sleeved. KCMCHB85
extra deep, family size
         loose base
loose base

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