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“The best roasting tin I’ve ever had. It cleaned easily, good depth, not too heavy. Highly recommend.”
  MasterClass Non-Stick Roasting Pans
With deep sides and a double layer non-stick coating. Sleeved.
    1. Roasting pan – 34cm x 26cm x 7cm (131⁄2" x 10" x 23⁄4") KCMCHB2
MasterClass Non-Stick
Premium Roasting Set
With DuPont Teflon Select non-stick interior and exterior, thick aluminium body, heavy duty riveted raised side handles and non-stick roasting rack. 36cm x 27.5cm x 7.5cm (14" x 101⁄2" x 3").
Display boxed.
2. Roasting pan – 39cm x 28cm x 7cm (153⁄4" x 11" x 23⁄4") KCMCHB1
MasterClass Non-Stick
Roasting Pan with Rack
With a heavy duty triple layer non-stick coating and hinged handles. Suitable for all stovetops apart from induction. Includes a non-stick removable rack. 40cm x 28cm x 7.5cm
(153⁄4" x 11" x 3"). Display boxed.

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