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    ■ Absorbs heat quickly and efficiently to cook evenly throughout.
■ Prolonged anodised process seals the aluminium to make the finish harder than steel and extremely durable.
■ Additional non-stick coating allows the easiest cleaning and release of cakes and food.
■ Will not twist or buckle.
■ Suitable for direct heat excluding induction.
  MasterClass Non-Stick Hard Anodised Bakeware
Extremely durable hard anodised bakeware is stronger than stainless steel and an excellent heat conductor for even heat distribution with no hot spots. With an added high quality non-stick coating which is dishwasher safe. Suitable for direct heat excluding induction, items will not warp and are covered by a twenty-five year guarantee. Labelled.
durable non-stick cooking
 conducts heat quickly and evenly for optimum performance
harder than steel finish
suitable for metal utensils
suitable for direct heat
  durable non-stick coating
   1.Bakingtray–42cmx31cmx2cm 2.Bakingtin–42cmx31cmx4cm
suitable for metal utensils
  harder than steel finish
3. Roasting pan – 37cm x 26.5cm x 6.5cm
4. Roasting pan – 42cm x 31cm x 6.5cm

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