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With self basting dimpled lids, perfect for pulled pork, succulent casseroles and stews.
MasterClass Cast Aluminium Casserole Dishes
With self basting lids. Labelled.
use on the hob and in the oven
   1. Casserole dish – 20cm 2.5 litre capacity MCMCRD20
oven safe to 2000
2. Casserole dish – 24cm 4 litre capacity MCMCRD24
  3. Shallow casserole dish – 28cm 4 litre capacity MCMSCRD28
MasterClass Cast Aluminium Silicone Handle Cover Set
Professional quality silicone for a non-slip grip and secure hold. Heat resistant to 260°C for maximum protection. Includes one knob cover and two handle covers for use with MasterClass Cast Aluminium casserole dishes. Display boxed. MCMCASS3PC
features a non-slip texture for a secure grip
silicone handle covers
4. Casserole dish – 28cm 5 litre capacity MCMCRD28
safely remove lids
     easy to fit

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