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Artesà Marble Hot Stone Grill Set
Natural marble hot stone with wire stand and heat protective wooden board with dual inset gel fuel burners underneath. 42cm x 22cm x 15cm. Gift boxed. ARTSTONEGRILL
cooks with no oil or fat
Home Made Stainless Steel
Smoking Box
For use outdoors on barbecues. With a vented lid to release smoky flavours from wood chips placed inside the box. Also use with herbs. 22.5cm x 9cm x 4cm. Display boxed. KCHMSMOKEBOX
Artesà Terracotta Mini / Tabletop Pizza Oven
Features a traditional style terracotta brick roof with a black rechaud metal base, a removable non-stick coated baking tray, two fully adjustable gel fuel burners with integral diffusers, a heat protective cork underplate
and two 11cm pizza pans. 28cm x 15.5cm x 22cm. Gift boxed. ARTPIZZAOVEN
Home Made Stainless Steel
Smoking Oven
With an internal smoking rack and locking lid. For use in ovens, stovetops (excluding induction) and barbecues. 37.5cm x 27cm x 6.5cm. Sleeved. KCHMSMOKEOV
KitchenCraft Cast Iron Grill Press
Heavy weight press for holding down burgers, steaks and other meats on grill pans and barbeques. 21cm x 11cm x 6.5cm. Display boxed. KCGRILLPRESS
            KitchenCraft Carbon Steel Chestnut Pan
Conducts heat evenly for perfectly tender chestnuts at home. Also great for cooking vegetables and fish direct on a barbecue. 51cm x 27cm x 15cm. With card insert. KCCHESTNUT

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