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MasterClass Carbon Steel Non-Stick Woks
Heavy gauge 2mm carbon steel woks with a premium, highly durable non-stick coating suitable for use with metal utensils. Riveted stainless steel extra long handles with integral hanging storage loops. Suitable for use in an oven and on all heat sources including induction. Sleeved.
MasterClass Non-Stick
Induction Ready Woks
With a ceramic interior and nano silica non-stick coating. With card insert.
1. Wok – 20cm (8")
     durable non-stick suitable for use with metal utensils
1. Wok – 24cm (91⁄2")
2. Wok – 30cm (12")
carbon steel bodies
riveted handles
heavy duty bodies
   induction safe
side helper handle
2. Wok – 24.5cm (91⁄2")
nano silica non-stick coating
     MasterClass Cast Aluminium
Non-Stick 28cm Wok
Double coated non-stick with a scratch proof interior. Durable cast aluminium heats up quickly and evenly. With a stainless steel base suitable for all hobs including induction. Sleeved. MCMWOK28
MasterClass Eco Cookware Induction
Ceramic Non-Stick 30cm Wok
Aluminium body and ceramic non-stick coating. Heat resistant riveted steel handle with non-slip grip. Suitable for all stoves including induction. Sleeved. MCWOKCER30
ceramic non-stick interior
3. Wok – 35.5cm (14")
3. Wok – 30cm (113⁄4")
      induction safe
10 year
suitable for use with metal utensils
non-slip comfort grip
15 year

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