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P. 400

   Oven Dishes
Worry free cooking solutions
Airtight and anti-leak, locking lids Stackable and space-saving Perfect for lunches, leftovers and batch cooking
Dishwasher Fridge & Oven Microwave Stackable safe freezer safe safe safe
 KitchenCraft Pure Seal Glass Dishes
safe for oven use only when lid is removed
   1. Rectangular container – 350ml 150mm x 110mm x 55mm KCGLSSTOR01
2. Rectangular container – 600ml 170mm x 130mm x 60mm KCGLSSTOR02
air vent slider
locking lids
   3. Rectangular container – 1 litre 200mm x 150mm x 70mm KCGLSSTOR03
4. Rectangular container – 1.5 litres 230mm x 170mm x 80mm KCGLSSTOR04
5. Rectangular container – 1.8 litres 230mm x 170mm x 90mm KCGLSSTOR07
6. Round container – 600ml 150mm x 70mm KCGLSSTOR06

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