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 KitchenCraft Microwave Carrying Tray
With contoured handles and stay cool material to safely remove and carry hot items after microwaving. 23cm (excluding handles). Sleeved. KCMTRAY
contoured handles and high sides
KitchenCraft MicroGrill All-in-One Pot
This innovative design absorbs microwave rays and converts them in to infra-red energy allowing food to crisp and brown naturally when cooking in the microwave. The aluminium pot is lightweight with a non-stick coating and stay cool silicone handles. Includes recipe leaflet. 1.6 litre capacity. 26cm x 20cm x 9cm. Display boxed. KCMGRILL
KitchenCraft Three Piece
Microwave Casserole Set
Set of three square casserole dishes, 13cm, 16cm and 18cm, with vented and closed option lids for cooking or freezing. Display boxed. KCMCASS
KitchenCraft Microwave Rice
and Grain Cooker 1.5 Litres
Steam circulation system to cook rice evenly whilst remaining moist. Five part set.
Display boxed.
easy to lift handles
Microwave Cookware
       twist lock draining spout
     crispy chicken wings
speedy steak
ferrite base cooks twice as fast
no bake sponge cake
    KitchenCraft Microwave
Steamer Set 2.2 Litres
With a 20cm base container, vented lid and a removable steaming tray. Display boxed. KCMSTEAMER

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