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Rolling Pins
MasterClass 40cm Marble
Rolling Pin and Rest
Deluxe marble rolling pin complete with rest for safe storage
and display. Sleeved.
KitchenCraft Deluxe 46cm Non-Stick
Revolving Rolling Pin
Cool touch rolling pin with a durable non-stick coating and soft
grip handles. Carded.
      KitchenCraft 40cm Beech
Wood Rolling Pin
Solid beech wood with tapered handles. Tagged. KCSOLPIN
KitchenCraft World of Flavours
Italian 50cm Wood Rolling Pin
Extra long natural wood rolling pin with tapered edged handles. Display boxed. ICWRP
KitchenCraft 23cm Beech Wood
Mini Revolving Rolling Pin
Solid beech wood with revolving centre, perfectly sized for icing and pasta. Tagged.
KitchenCraft 44cm Beech
Wood Revolving Rolling Pin
Solid beech wood with revolving centre. Tagged. KCREVPIN
         MasterClass Wooden
Pastry Tamper
KitchenCraft Stainless
Steel Pastry Wheel
With comfortable oval shaped handle and integral storage loop. KCPROPW
 With 4cm and 6.8cm ends for use with KCMCHB43 mini hole baking pan or similar alternatives. Carded. MCTAMP
see page 312 for suitable baking pans

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