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 Smart Space
  MasterClass Smart Space Three-in-One Trivet Set
Interlocking system allows three individual trivets to be stored in the space of just one. Easy to pop out for use and push back into shape for space saving storage. Made from heat resistant, cushioned, non-slip silicone for use with hot and heavy dishes. Sleeved.
all pieces interlock for space saving storage
three trivets in the space of one
heat resistant non-slip silicone
18cm x 13cm
14cm x 9cm
23cm x 18cm
folds to a quarter of its size
lift to check cooking process
add ingredients while cooking
        MasterClass Smart Space 30cm Silicone Folding Splatter Guard
Clips into a rigid frame to stop splatters from hot pans and folds to a quarter of its size for space saving storage. Each quarter can be lifted without removing the entire screen to check the cooking process, stir sauces and add additional ingredients. The large handles protect hands from heat. 30cm x 38cm. Sleeved.
clips into a rigid frame
     MasterClass Smart Space Electronic
Compact Scales 750g (11⁄2lbs)
With easy to read LCD display and stainless steel weighing plate. High precision sensors for accurate results. Compact slimline design takes up minimal counter space and features a TARE add‘n’weigh function for adding additional ingredients. Two CR2032 batteries included. 10cm x 13cm x 2cm. Gift boxed.
stainless steel
heat resistant to 220C / 428F
slimline design
bowl not included

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