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Palette Knives & Spreaders
KitchenCraft Tempered
Stainless Steel Palette Knives
Two sizes of straight and cranked bladed knives for spreading icing onto cupcakes and standard / large sized cakes. Carded.
KitchenCraft Three Piece Mini Spatula Set 20.5cm
With patterned flexible silicone heads and wooden handles. Tagged. KCMINISPAT3PC
      11cm blade
1. Cranked palette knife – 22cm
KitchenCraft Tempered
Steel Palette Knife Set
A set of three assorted palette knives including an 11cm / 4" cranked blade, 10.5cm / 4" straight blade and a tapered 10cm / 31⁄2" blade. Blister packed. SDISPK3PC
approx. 10cm – 11cm blades
25cm 26cm blade blade
2. Cranked palette knife – 37cm
3. Palette knife – 38cm
KitchenCraft Palette Knife / Spreader Blister packed. KCPALETTE
          KitchenCraft Assorted Palette Knives
Labelled and tagged.
18.5cm blade
1. KitchenCraft stainless steel palette knife KCPROSPAT
wooden handle
13.5cm blade
KitchenCraft Beech Wood
Crépe Spreader
Twirls batter to make 17cm / 61⁄2" pancakes. Tagged. KCCPSPREAD
17cm blade
18cm blade
3. KitchenCraft soft grip nylon headed palette knife KCSGSPATNS
2. KitchenCraft nylon headed palette knife KCPROSPATNS

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