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  Artesà Marble Hot Stone Grill Set
The natural 39cm x 21cm x 2cm marble hot stone
is heated in the oven and then placed on the wire stand with heat protective wooden board with dual inset gel fuel burners underneath. The wooden base has integrated wire side handles for safe carrying and the marble stone has juice draining border channels. 42cm x 22cm x 15cm. Gift boxed. ARTSTONEGRILL
Artesà Terracotta Mini / Tabletop Pizza Oven
For use inside or out, this oven features a traditional style terracotta brick roof with a black rechaud metal base, a removable non-stick coated baking tray, two fully adjustable gel fuel burners with integral diffusers, a heat protective cork underplate and two 11cm pizza pans.
28cm x 15.5cm x 22cm. Gift boxed.
 cooks with no oil or fat
Artesà Individual Raclette
A 9.5cm non-stick cheese pan complete with burner stand, wooden spatula and two tealights. For heating a variety of cheeses
for spreading onto bread, potatoes or vegetables as starters, or as an accompaniment. Gift boxed.
Artesà Party Fondue Set
With a deluxe stainless steel 16cm fondue bowl with a black satin rechaud fondue base, burner and integral diffuser. Complete with a rotating wooden stand which also features six 9.5cm ceramic bowls with a black satin glaze and six stainless steel fondue forks and spoons. 31cm x 38cm. Gift boxed. ARTFONPARTY
              Artesà Copper Finish Fondue Set
A deluxe stainless steel fondue with a hammered copper effect 16cm bowl. Complete with a metal rack, gel fuel burner with integral diffuser and six stainless steel fondue forks. Gift boxed. ARTFONCOP

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