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 Creative Tops Napier new Grass Woven Placemats item
Set of four. 30cm x 23cm. Tagged.
made from super-fast growing napier grass which can be harvested fifty days after planting the seed
Creative Tops new Cork Placemats items
Sets of four. 29cm x 21.5cm. Tagged.
naturally water resistant, insulating and antimicrobial
2. Terrazzo
100% Biodegradable
an incredibly efficient source of renewable material with naturally antibacterial properties
Placemats & Coasters
    Creative Tops Water Hyacinth Round Woven Placemats
Sets of four. 30cm. Tagged. 5112196
1. Rainbow
also ideal for under serving dishes
Creative Tops new Jute Placemats items
Sets of four. Tagged.
    Creative Tops Hessian
Woven Placemats
Set of four. 38cm. Tagged. CTHESPMWOV
super sustainable, a colony of water hyacinths can double its size every two weeks
1. Round grey - 34cm
    natural fibres result in a natural soft warm brown perfect for every dining occasion
2. Rectangular blue - 22cm x 19cm

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