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KitchenCraft Knife and
Scissor Sharpener
With dual slots, one to sharpen scissors and the other to sharpen all types of knives. With a grindstone for extra sharpening. Carded. KCSHARPENER
Colourworks Brights Two Stage
Draw Through Knife Sharpeners
A counter top display with sixteen assorted coloured sharpeners. Two stage sharpening with a coarse sharpener and ceramic honer. Individually clam packed. CWBRKSHARPDISP16
MasterClass Two Stage Draw
Through Knife Sharpener
With a coarse sharpener and final stage ceramic honer. The soft touch handle and non-slip base provides comfort and safety during sharpening.
   Gift boxed.
MasterClass 25cm Sharpening Steel Hanging display packed. MCTRADSTEEL
  tapered steel for vertical sharpening
   MasterClass Combination
18cm Sharpening Stone
Two sided corundum 400/ 1000 grit whetsone with stand. Gift boxed. KCMCWHET
KitchenCraft Combination
20cm Sharpening Stone
Two sided stone. Sharpens knives and scissors. Display boxed. KCSTONE8
knife not included

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