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   Home Made Wooden Pastry Board with Measures
Displays length / width and diameter measurements in centimetres and inches with cooking temperature conversions. 45cm x 35cm. Sleeved.
Home Made Pasty Mould Set
Set of three moulds (8.5cm, 12.5cm and 18cm) for making pasties, fruit turnovers, canapés and dumplings. Simply cut out the shape using the mould, insert the filling and fold over to seal. Includes recipe suggestions. Display boxed. KCHMPASTY
Pastry & Dough
       Home Made Beech Wood
Waffle Cone Roller
To make traditional hand rolled waffle cones, brandy snaps and tuiles. Diameter 4cm. Gift tagged. KCHMWAFFLE
Home Made Traditional Wood
Butter and Gnocchi Paddles
With grooved sides to drain away excess buttermilk when shaping after churning. 20cm x 6.5cm. Carded.
     Home Made Swedish
Rosette Iron Set
With three interchangeable moulds including 7.5cm flower, 7.5cm circle and 8cm star for making Swedish style pastries. Blister packed. KCHMROSETTE
use as an attractive butter serving board
Home Made Pancake and
Doughnut Dispenser
Non-stick coated dispenser with push release base. Display boxed. KCHMPD

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