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 Sustainable Food Storage
  MasterClass Waste Less Food Vacuum Set
Convenient and compact sized vacuum
pump for easily sealing fresh or cooked food. High quality, easy to use pump removes air
for an airtight and leakproof seal. Includes four 24cm reusable sealing bags that are nylon and BPA free. Gift boxed.
prolongs the life of food for up to double the time
MasterClass Reusable Vacuum Bags
Set of five. For use with MCVACBAGSET adjacent. Display boxed.. MCVACBAG5PC
    ideal for smaller kitchens – save on space and save on waste
easy to use pump removes air to keep food fresher for longer
Vacuum packing keeps food fresh for up to six times longer when frozen! Saves space, saves cash, reduces food waste and helps eliminate single-use plastics.

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