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 Copco Cupboard / Worktop Turntable Organisers
A revolving turntable with a non-skid surface and raised rim
to prevent items falling off. Allows easy storage and access
to jars, cans, spices and general food storage within cupboards, on worktops or on the table. Labelled.
1. 23cm diameter
Copco Two Tier Cupboard / Worktop Turntable Organiser
A revolving display to use in cupboards, on worktops and also on tables to easily access condiments and food storage whilst maximising storage. Features a non-skid surface on each tier. 30cm x 19cm. Height between each tier is 12.5cm. Display boxed. COP2TTURN30
2. 30cm diameter
Copco Storage Solutions
            Copco Three Tier Cupboard Shelf Organisers
Simple step organisers allow storage of cans, jars and spices in cupboards and on worktops to allow for easy visibility and access whilst maximising storage space. Features a non-skid surface. Each step is 3.5cm high. Labelled.
 stepped design for easy access to stored cans and jars in cupboards
1. 26cm x 23cm x 8.5cm
2. 38cm x 23cm x 8.5cm

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